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American Horror Story: Asylum

Happy hour starts in 5 minutes

Jugband McGillicuddy

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Jul 24, 2009
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Cumberland, MD

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OK, I promise it will be quite some time before you see me start two threads in one day again, but I think this show is worthy of discussion.

Who's watching? What was your impression of the first episode? Any guesses as to where the different parts of the storyline are going? What do you expect out of the second episode?

Please folks.....

*****NO SPOILERS!!!!!!!*****

Here's what I'm thinking. "Mrs. Walker" is still alive. She's "resting comfortably" with the aliens. I think Kip's flashbacks may have been connected to the chip that the aliens placed in his neck. I think he was seeing, via the chip, what she's actually experiencing to some extent. I bet he won't have the vivid "flashbacks" now that the chip is on the loose.

Where in the HELL the chip is going, I have no idea. There are so many options for where it could "land." Grace would be my first choice, but the reporter would be a good choice as well. Maybe she would gain some insight into Kip's experience through the chip, without him even being in contact with her. And she would know that he wasn't the killer.

Grace is intriguing as all get out. What's her deal? Where's that accent from? And those eyes....*ahem*....wow. I do wonder if she's someone's secret henchman; be it Arden or Sister Jude. She's almost "too nice."

So there are a few thoughts on a couple of the bigger storylines. I'll save the rest until you guys have a chance to chime in.

What say you?

-- Jugface McBloodycuddy


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Apr 1, 2011
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I loved last season, and thought it would be very hard to top. After episode 1 this season, I am very impressed, and I think this season could easily bury last season.

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