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Alex Ovechkin Trophy Watch

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Lanky Livingston

So, with the Eastern Conference and overall best records locked up, there isn't much for the Caps to play for, except personal milestones. Alex Ovechkin is the two-time Rocket Richard trophy winner, and is currently one-goal out of the lead behind Sidney Crosby (ew). He is 2 points behind Vancouver's Daniel Sedin for the Art-Ross Points scoring trophy.

Games left: 3
Tuesday night at Pittsburgh
Friday night vs. Atlanta
Sunday noon vs. Boston

Last 3:
3 assists, 0 goals

vs. Pittsburgh:
5 goals and 3 assists in 3 games

vs. Atlanta:
3 goals and 4 assists in 5 games

vs. Boston:
3 goals and 3 assists in 3 games

So while he's in a mini-slump (1 goal in his last 7 games), Ovechkin has had some success against the remaining teams on his schedule. He especially loves coming up big against the Pens this season.

As far as MVP, Ovechkin leads the league in plus/minus, and the Capitals have an astounding 26-3-4 record since he took over as captain of the team (I think, that number is off the top of my head). That combined with wherever he finishes in the points and goal races should easily net him both MVP trophies this year (again).

This article talks about the Caps all wanting Ovechkin to get the trophies, that they aren't just meaningless goals.
Some other Caps who are in the race for hardware:

Mike Green, looking for his first Norris trophy as the NHL's best defenseman. He was a finalist last year, and should be again this year.

Nick Backstrom is a strong candidate for the Frank Selke trophy, for the league's best defensive forward.
No comments? Alex Ovechkin is the best athlete DC has maybe EVER seen, and truly the greatest player in his sport on the planet. I'd like to think there'd be a little more excitement over his accomplishments. :p
Ovie scored twice last night, including an empty-netter with 0.2 seconds left in the game. Henrik Sedin notched an assist, so Ovie is now only one point behind him:

1. H. Sedin, VAN, 107
2. A. Ovechkin, WSH, 106
3. S. Crosby, PIT, 100
4. N. Backstrom, WSH, 98
5. B. Richards, DAL, 91

Ovie's 2 goals (and Crosby's 1) placed them in a dead heat for the Rocket Richard, at 48 goals a piece.

1. A. Ovechkin, WSH, 48
3. S. Crosby, PIT, 48
1. S. Stamkos, TBL, 47
4. P. Marleau, SJS, 43
5. M. Gaborik, NYR, 41
Crosby was awarded 2 goals last night, but they took one away (correctly) when they saw it actually went off of Bill Guerin's hip. So, Crosby now has the goal lead by one.

Caps play Atlanta tonight, who was already eliminated from the playoffs. HOPEFULLY this means they give a lackluster effort, and Ovechkin scores 5 goals. :)
Ovechkin has a goal and an assist through 2 periods, and is now tied for the goals and points race! Woot!
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make that two goals now, lanky!!! still has bout 10 min left...
Yes! Ovie scores!! All alone for the points and goals lead!
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Backstrom with the assist on Ovi's 50th goal giving him 100 points on the season!
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Boudreau joked that Ovechkin has been "bugging him" to take Sunday's game off. With 2 games left, Cindy has a chance to retake the lead in the race for the Rocket-Richard trophy. Henrik Sedin has one game left, tonight, so he has a chance to retake the points lead, and Cindy has a chance to claim it for the first time this season. If either of these things happen tonight, I think Ovie will definitely play Sunday.


The Cup truly is the only accomplishment that matters to the great 8 at this point, and will be satisfied with ending his season in the lead, and being the first player to hit 50 goals (in 10 less games than the other two).

Current leaders:

1. A. Ovechkin, WSH, 109
2. H. Sedin, VAN, 108
3. S. Crosby, PIT, 104
4. N. Backstrom, WSH, 101
5. M. St. Louis, TBL, 92

1. A. Ovechkin, WSH, 50
3. S. Crosby, PIT, 49
1. S. Stamkos, TBL, 48
4. P. Marleau, SJS, 43
5. M. Gaborik, NYR, 42
Some more on the Great 8 & Backstrom's historic season:

Ovechkin becomes only the 3rd player in history to score 50 goals in 4 of his first 5 seasons in the NHL, joining Mike Bossy and Wayne Gretzky. When you're mentioned in the same sentence as the Great One, you know there's something special there.

Ovechkin and Backstrom are also the first Capitals to record 100 point seasons in the same season. With all the great teams of the 80s and the Eastern Conference champs from 98, I honestly am shocked by that stat!

Backstrom becomes only the 4th Capitals player to score 100 points in a season, joining Ovechkin, Mike Gartner and Dennis Maruk. Another crazy stat.

Also, Ovechkin and Backstrom become the 8th pair of teammates to hit 50 goals and 100 points in the same game, and the first to do so since 1988. As far as I know, they're the first to do it on the same play. ;)
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Ovechkin failed to score in the season finale today. Unfortunately, Henrik Sedin had a 4-point night on Saturday, boosting him to 112, and both Sidney Crosby and Steven Stamkos notched goal #51 on the season today. This means Ovi has lost out on both the Rocket Richard trophy as well as the Art Ross trophy. Seeing as how he's won the Richard the past 2 years in a row, its not a huge disappointment. Not winning the Hart MVP trophy will be, however, as Ovechkin deserves it.

So Ovechkin finished the season with 109 points and 50 goals, in 10 less games than the three guys in front of him. Still hell of a season in terms of team accolades; hopefully it doesn't end until mid June. :)
So Ovechkin finished the season with 109 points and 50 goals, in 10 less games than the three guys in front of him. Still hell of a season in terms of team accolades; hopefully it doesn't end until mid June. :)

Ovi is a great player, but at this point I'd rather see some team hardware than some individual trophies. Maybe he'll be motivated by the lack of individual awards.

The Cup or bust.
as much as I am on board with the Caps love DC is and always will be a football town. Until he changes his last name to Monk, Baugh, Green or Riggins Ovi isnt the greatest athlete.

But he sure is good..

And you wonder why I always disagree with you...its because you're so WRONG! ;)
Sammy Baugh was a great athlete, the best in the game...in his era. Most people who have a realistic view of things know that Baugh (and all "back in the day" guys) can't hold a candle to the speed and athleticism shown by today's players. The same will probably be said about Ovechkin in 50 years, but as of now, Ovechkin is the best athlete DC has ever seen.
well lets see..

sammy baugh is recognized as one of the greatest football players to ever play the game
he played for the redskins
you are on a redskins site

Those are arguments that show you are slanted my friend. Also, I already said he was the greatest athlete to play during his era, but in terms of speed, agility and strength, today's athletes have surpassed the athletes of the past by leaps and bounds (figuratively AND literally). This is not debatable, its pure fact.

and yet you say that ovechkin is better then him. how many trophies does he have? how many championships?

A better athlete, yes. Better at football? Probably not.

he isnt even gretzky and yet you are willing to claim he is the best athlete to come out of DC in the last 50 years.

Funny you should mention that, because as I pointed out in this thread (or the other one), Ovechkin is only the 3rd player in history to score 50 goals in 4 of his first 5 seasons in the NHL. A list which includes Gretzky.

Not to mention Gretzky played in a different era than Ovechkin - an era with wider nets and smaller goalie pads. This is why nobody had scored over 60 goals since the early 90s...until Ovechkin did it in 2007. ;)

slanted and backwards.

Wrong again, Mike. But, just to make you happy, how about I alter my statement a bit, just for you:

"Alex Ovechkin is the best athlete DC has seen SINCE Sammy Baugh."

All better? ;)
Selke Trophy finalists were announced today, and Backstrom did not make the final 3. Kind of BS in my opinion, and Datsyuk making it just shows that these awards are based on name-recognition a lot. Finalists:
1. Pavel Datsyuk, Red Wings
2. Ryan Kesler, Canucks
3. Jordan Staal, Penguins

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