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Ah, The Things We Do For Our Kids...

Happy hour starts in 5 minutes


The Legend
Feb 1, 2010
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Waynesboro, VA

James Madison

We are celebrating Christmas today with one set of grandparents, and will be traveling to Mississippi to see the other side of the family shortly. So we decided it would be smart to have Christmas with Santa here at the house, instead of driving to MS and back with a van full of gifts. Anyway, our ten-years old wanted a Portable basketball goal so she can practice. Being the Father of the Year that I am, I got it for her.

And just spent three hours in the freezing weather setting it up for her. I can't feel my toes or my ears. My wife took one look at me when I walked through the door and burst into laughter. Apparently, I looked cold.

Anyway, just thought I would share. Would love to hear other stories of misery your children inadvertently afflicted upon you. Or heck, if you send me a beer or five, i could tell you some stories of what I did to my parents. Heh heh heh.
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The Franchise Player
Jul 28, 2009
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Yorktown, VA

We've all done things above and beyond. Remember one cold and damp Sunday morning, standing in line at Toys R Us for a chance to boy a Game Boy color when it was the hot Christmas gift. Decided then IOU's aren't so bad.

Remember one Christmas Eve trying to assemble this wooden chair my wife got one of the boys. After 6 beers and much cussing this chair came close to being kindlin'. Got it together, but it was a test of wills.


Nov 17, 2010
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I live in the warmest city in the coldest provinc


when my niece Julianna was 2 and a half, some little arse at her daycare told her santa was fake, She was living with me at the time as my sister had been in a bad car accident. I rented a santa suit and arranged for my sister to "accidently" walk by the big picture window in the front yard as I ran across the yard in the santa suit carrying a large sack.

It took some coordination but after the 4 th try of running across the yard, JUlianna said to her mom " look mommy santa just ran across the yard." we thought we were pretty smart, but later that evening as we were eating Milk and cookies Julianna looked at me funny and said " Santa was bigger than I thought, and he runs a lot like you do Uncle Ryan." So I told her all fat people run like Uncle Ryan.


The Commissioner
Joe Gibbs Club Member
Aug 1, 2009
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Florida State

I refuse to allow my son to think Santa got him anything from my house. His mom is all about it (or was now that he is 15) but I wont let some fat guy take credit for my hard work. I didnt tell him that he didnt exist but Santa only visits mommy.

No kids, but I have told my fiancé this is my philosophy! There was an actual Saint Nick, who was very generous. But he isn't the one who will be putting presents under the tree!

Oh Goaldeje, in an effort to make some extra Christmas money and help out a friend, I spent the last 2 days out in the cold putting a roof on my friend's house! Temps never got above 33. Man up! :bucktooth:

Please resume your regularly scheduled thread.:eclipsee_Victoria:

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