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A Redskins Rant: Who you callin' a dog??

Jugband McGillicuddy

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Jul 24, 2009
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The NFL is a performance-based league. And really, when it comes to any athletic endeavor, that should be the case. Teams shouldn't be judged on potential, or how good they are on paper, or what they did last year. If you want to do that, just cancel future seasons, and we'll call it good enough.

That's why it's been so frustrating to watch the reports, read the stories, and check the lines leading up to this week's NFC Beast match up between our beloved Washington Redskins and the loathsome Philadelphia Eagles.

We're a dog. We're anywhere from a 1 to 3 point DOG. At home. Against, arguably (and frankly there's NO argument to be made) the most underachieving team in the entire league.

Now, I'm used to the Redskins being a dog. Over the years, we've earned it in most cases. And I've been a Skins fan long enough to know that we're not going to get any love in the national media, even if we win 6 straight Super Bowls.

But this one stings. This one, frankly, pisses me off.

Remember when Dan Snyder ran this club like a fantasy football team? He signed every free agent under the sun. And he ended up with teams of individual players, who never became a team.

We were mocked by the talking heads. We were ridiculed by opposing fans. And there wasn't a damned thing we could say about it, because they were right.

Enter the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles.

Were you like me? Did you hear about every signing they made during the off-season and think to yourself, "I've seen this before. I've seen a team go after every big name under the sun. And I know it doesn't work." Did you hear the pundits "arguing" with you? "This Eagles team is poised to be an absolute juggernaut." Really? REALLY?!?!

How's that worked out for you, Colin Cowherd? You don't even MENTION the Redskins when you talk about our division. (To say nothing for the fact that you're so proud to be "all in" on Romo and the Cowboys.) I told you so, Colin. I friggin' told you so. Speakers can work in reverse as microphones, and it's too damned bad that MINE don't feed into your ear. You might learn a little something.

The Eagles have been GARBAGE through 5 games. And anyone who lived through the Cerrato era here called it in advance. We were right. The pundits were wrong. And yet, here we sit. A dog. In our house. To a team that has averaged 3 turnovers a game.

Mike Vick has NEVER been an NFL QB. He had precisely ONE phenomenal year. That was the anomaly, not the rule. And when he has a sieve of an offensive line in front of him, well, he gets you 15 turnovers in 5 weeks.

Why is this so hard to see? Why is it that NO ONE realizes we have 3 guys who can run the ball down your throat. Why is it that no one gives ANY respect to Rak, or Kerrigan, or Fletcher? Why is it that no one seems to recognize that this Redskin team is finally perfectly constructed to win a division that isn't it's characteristically badass self?

Make no mistake friends. We ARE a dog. A dog with a helluva bite. And one that's going to take a HUGE chunk out of Michael Vick's ass tomorrow afternoon. And I can't think of anything that could be more appropriate.

I hope we're a dog next week too; making life ruff for our opponents, and for the "experts."

Hail all day every day, until my dying breath...and if there is a God, beyond,
Sorry about the corny pun. Someone needs keep me on a short leash, so I don't do that again. :banhim:
Fantastic post HH. And I hope you are right. The only problem I see is that the Eagles haven't been garbage this season. Their games have been close, and they lead the league in rushing. This isn't some catastrophe.

The main reasons they have been losing are turnovers and stupid penalties. Barring a ton of both, they have beaten teams up and down the field.

We are going to need a bunch of turnovers to beat this team. And if D Hall is out, that isn't going to help in the turnover department.

When you watch the Eagles, it's pretty clear that they are about to put up 50 points on someone. I'm just hoping that they don't get those problems fixed this weekend, and that we aren't that team.

But I love the spirit. Hail.
DHall doesn't concern me, honestly. Yeah, he's got the penchant for the big play, but he's also got a tendency to jump routes, and bite on double moves, and end up lost. I love the guy, but he's not -- by any stretch -- a shut-down corner that changes a team's entire game plan, IMO.

And I just haven't seen that same type of explosiveness out of them this year that I saw last year. Though "garbage" was too strong, and I take your point, I'm not afraid of this team. I was last year, and with good reason.

You do NOT want to play us with a porous offensive line. We've got a legitimate pass rush, which is a huge problem for a guy who has problems with his decision making anyway.

After last year, I understand your concern. But I also feel like this is a Skins team that's about to unleash hell on someone. And I hope it IS this week. :cheers:
Our rush might be the most important part of this game. But make no mistake, their offensive line doesn't blow.

Their o-line is ranked 9th in the league. Tied with ours. And, they have given up 8 sacks this season--exactly the same number we have given up.

But, they have the best rushing game in the league. That o-line is no joke.

They are basically us.....but with more turnovers so far. We are going to need to play our best game of the season.
Well, first of all, our OL isn't all that great so equating the Eagle OL to ours doesn't convince me it's all that good. :) Fortunately our OL will be going up against their DL, and vice-versa, which in my opinion favors us.

Also their OL stats are a bit inflated by Vick. He's rushed for over 300 yards this season, and he doesn't usually get big chunks of yards on the ground unless his protection has broken down and he makes a great individual play. The Eagles RB's get stuffed on a run 21% of the time, which is 22nd in the league. They get stuffed on 3rd or 4th and less than 2 yards to go 50% of the time, or 27th in the league. However, they have the most 2nd level yards from their RBs of any team in the league. Basically if McCoy gets to the second level he gets a lot of yards, which, in addition to Vick's unique mobility, inflates the Philly rushing stats. But Philly RBs have more trouble getting there than most, which is a function of the OL.

Also, and probably more importantly, the Eagle OTs are dropping like flies. They will likely be down to a third stringer at right tackle with their starting RT shifting to the left.

While I'm not sleeping on the Eagles at all, I'm not quite so afraid of their OL at the moment.

In any case, I like HH's post. That is a top-notch rant. I say we blog it. :)
You got my vote.

The only exception I have with your post is about the media not loving us even if we win 6 straigh Superbowls. We all know the media are frontrunners and like to hang on the jock of whoever is on top. If the Redskins managed to be on top for that long, there'd be plenty of love from the media.
Both their rushing totals and sacks allowed have more to do with their quarterback than their offensive line.

(Or, if I'd bothered to read all of Henry's post, I would have said- yeah, what he said. :) )
The reason Dan Snyder gotmocked was he did it year after year after year if he never did it again after the 2000 season no one would have said a thing about it but he kept doing it.
This post is why you need a recurring blog HH. Just sayin'....
Now see HH - you've already got your title.

'Honorary Blog' :)

I like it.
Honorary Blog. I like it. Hopefully if I decide to do it, I won't be quite this wrong ever again. :(
Well, one of these days we'll be right about these kinds of games. It just isn't today.
I'm happy that we stayed within 10 points of this team. Let's be real--we are likely going to split with this team. We had a 1-50 chance of winning this game.

No worries. They are incredibly talented. It's a long season.
Well, the winning was nice while it lasted I guess.

Time to get out some old game tapes and try to remember what a perennial contender in burgundy and gold looked like.
Yesterday, we were a dog. Wait, dogs are lovable. Yesterday, we were a skunk.

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