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A/C Broken. I Hate Summer.


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Apr 1, 2011
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Virginia Beach, VA
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So yesterday we're sitting around watching tv, when we heard an explosion outside. I go to the heat pump which is no longer running, cut the power, open the housing, and the capacitor has completely exploded, leaking out what looks like molten lead.

Lucky me, the part is only $26. Unlucky me, they can't get it to me until tomorrow around 4pm. So with 2 small kids and 2 dogs, we have to deal with back to back 95 degree days. Lucky us, huh?

So I borrowed a window A/C unit from an awesome friend, plug it in, and it trips the breaker. I figure move it to another circuit. Same thing. No matter what circuit I put it on it blows within 10-15 minutes.

So I start to realize maybe the circuits aren't the problem, and I look at the extension cord I have it plugged into. It's hotter than hell, and I notice it's only 16AWG, and the unit is using a 14AWG cord. So I go up to Lowe's and have to spend the last $20 we have on a damn cord I only need for 2 days. Good thing they have a lax return policy :D

So my question is this....since the unit only draws 11 amps, and I have it running off of my washer circuit which has a 30 amp fuse, is it likely for me to have continued problems, or was it the cord?
As someone who made it through 2 100+ days a couple weeks ago w/out a functioning AC I sympathize with you. It was so hot in our 3rd fl apt that we had to go sleep in a friend's basement the 2nd night after getting no sleep the first night.
As someone who made it through 2 100+ days a couple weeks ago w/out a functioning AC I sympathize with you. It was so hot in our 3rd fl apt that we had to go sleep in a friend's basement the 2nd night after getting no sleep the first night.
This is what I hate the most about these situations......I can tolerate it pretty well during the day, since I did many 110+ degree days in the Army with full gear and no A/C, then all the landscaping. But sleeping at night when it's that hot and as muggy as it gets here - totally impossible.
meh..SD people laugh at this thread.
Easy to do since it never gets hot there. You hopefully just inherited some bad karma. I poked fun at my sister a couple of weeks ago because a thunderstorm knocked her power out during a stretch of high 90s weather and it came back to bite me in the ass.
We are still waiitng for summer to hit Orange County Calif. It is still overcast. We should see some sun this afternoon before it becomes overcast again. Itis currently 59 and should reach 68. Weather here is awful.
We never had a/c when I was a kid. I wonder now how we tolerated it
it doesnt get hot here?
Ok, I should correct that, it doesn't usually get hot there, and it never does it on a regular basis.

hopefully bad karma?
Yes, anyone who is laughing at a family with pets and small children having to spend an extended amount of time in 95+ weather with 105+ heat index deserves all the bad karma they can get.

you sure are a mouthpiece. and obviously a clueless one too. it gets well in to the 90s and 100s. we just deal with it..
Just deal with it? According to the official records, the last time it hit 100 in San Diego was September 4, 1988. That was almost 23 years ago, when you were a little kid. We usually get 5-10 days of 100 or more every single year. You also don't deal with the nearly 100% humidity we have here, so your heat isn't the same as our heat. I know you know how ****ty sweltering heat with high humidity is.

why dont you do some investigating and think before you speak.
I did plenty of investigation, and found your average summer high there is 78. http://www.weather.com/outlook/health/airquality/wxclimatology/monthly/graph/USCA0982 Our average summer lows are are close to that.

There is also this from the NOAA......

We have hit 90 or higher over 225 times in that same span.

It has also only hit 100 degrees there 24 times in the 133 years records have been kept. 90+ is a rarity there, here it is abnormal not to hit 90 from May-September.

You'll have to forgive me for being short and being a bigger ass than normal. Heat ****s with your mind man, and nobody, especially kids, should be laughed at for having to suffer through that. It's not like we have a pool to jump into to cool off, we just have to deal.
wow..once again you babbled on and on for no good reason. you are not as important as you think and youre an idiot for acting like you know a ****ing thing about san diego.

just quit complaining and acting like people care about what you think so much. youve managed to piss everyone off with your constant babbling and over the top threads and posts.
Put me on ignore, problem solved. I don't care if you don't like me, I don't care what your opinion of me is. The difference is, I state my opinion or list information, and if you don't agree with it, you make broad assumptions, you throw a fit, and you try to turn every post I make into a fight. Even when I don't say anything even remotely ****ed up or aimed at you in any way, you have to make some snide remark or ****ty personal comment, just because you know I will react. That's fine with me, but quit playing the innocent bystander role, because just like in this and many other threads, I made a normal post, and you turned it into a **** storm.
Hmmm...heat waves and no NFL football is not a good combination. It's happening all over the place.

I've seen comments on other team fan sites about how short-tempered the fans have been getting lately. ;)

You know, I'm pretty sure there's an "ignore" feature on this site

Just sayin'
Ugh, I got in my car Saturday afternoon and the temperature gauge said 107. You VA people don't know how good you have it - I have spent a significant amount of time in South Florida and Texas during the summer - VA is downright tropical in comparison. :)
Lanky does Houston compare to Palm Beach in late August?
Lanky does Houston compare to Palm Beach in late August?

Oh yeah, I'd say it even gets worse. Humidity is probably around the same, but the temperature gets higher here. July-August is miserable.
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