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4th Annual BGO "On The Clock" Draft Pool

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February - the month of love? More like February - the month of the NFL Combine and the unofficial start to draft season! With a highly regarded new GM in Adam Peters, and new coaching staff under Dan Quinn, Washington football fans everywhere are waiting in anticipation to see what this franchise will do in April's draft. Are we going to trade up one spot to the 1st overall pick in the draft and go all in for the highly touted Caleb Williams? Will we stand pat at #2 overall and take another highly regarded QB like Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels? Or, will we consider a trade down to address other foundational positions of need such as Offensive Tackle? The possibilities are endless and the element of the unknown is part of what makes the NFL Draft so intriguing and fun.

If putting your feet up from Thursday through Saturday while watching the draft wasn't appealing enough for you, BGO is going to add even more fun to the NFL Draft festivities!

For the 4th consecutive year, we are back with the BGO "On The Clock" Draft Pool. This is your chance to show your draft expertise and prove that you know better than everyone else here at BGO when it comes to the Commanders. It is also your opportunity to unseat Silent Threat/Boone as the defending shared champions. Winner prizes will be available if you need more incentive.

How The BGO Draft Pool Works/Scoring Rules:

1) Guess who you think the Commanders will pick with each of its current selections in the 2024 NFL Draft (assume no trade scenarios).
2) Earn 10 points for every player selected by the Burgundy and Gold that you guessed correctly.
3) Earn an additional 5 points for every player guessed correctly if you identified the correct round he was chosen in by the Commanders.
4) Earn 3 points if your pick for a round was incorrect, but your pick still matches the positional group selected by the Commanders in that round (per NFL Scouting Combine positional groupings).
5) Earn 2 points if your pick for a round was incorrect, but your pick still matches the round the player was chosen in by another NFL team.
5) The participant with the highest accumulated number of points will be declared the 4th Annual BGO "On The Clock" Draft Pool winner and receive a 1st place prize. 🏆

Previous Winners:

2021: Boone
2022: Om
2023: Silent Threat/Boone
2024: ?


The following will be used in the event of a tie for first place between two or more participants:

a) Tiebreaker 1: # of correct players picked by the Commanders.
b) Tiebreaker 2: # of predicted picks you made that match the round a player was selected in during the 2024 NFL Draft.
c) Tiebreaker 3: # of trades the Commanders will make during the 2024 NFL Draft.


Have your Commanders draft choice predictions and tiebreaker posted by 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Thursday, April 25th, 2024. At that time, all selections will be noted and no further changes can be made to your predictions.


When making your picks, please post your choices clearly by indicating the Round #, Pick #, Player Name, and Position.

For your reference, the Commanders picks are:

Round 1, Pick 2
Round 2, Pick 36
Round 2, Pick 40
Round 3, Pick 67
Round 3, Pick 100
Round 4, Pick 102
Round 5, Pick 137
Round 6, Pick 180
Round 6, Pick 215
Round 7, Pick 219

* If any of these picks change due to trades leading up to the start of the draft, we will update accordingly.

We hope to have as much participation as possible! If you aren't a draft guy, remember, your guesses are as good as anybody else's. Many of us spent a lot of time learning about the draft prospects a year ago and still didn't get a single Commanders pick right in the whole draft! There are a lot of mock draft simulators online that can familiarize you with the players and where they are generally projected to be taken in the draft. Also, be sure to check out some of the upcoming BGO Blind Pig draft podcasts, as they will help familiarize you with who is going to be available. There is lots of time to prepare and learn still! We hope to have our biggest group of participants yet in this upcoming draft pool! Start studying, get drafting and have fun, armchair GMs!
Didn't know we have 10 picks this year. 🤔
It’s the one gift Rivera and company bequeathed this team.
I gotta defend my title....

This is going to be one of the toughest to predict with so many changes and the newness of the front office.
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Do you two need some privacy? I'm feeling a little in-the-way here.
I’m just letting you all know I will not be picking Jayden Daniels at 2.

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