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30 years ago.............


We finally found out who shot JR:)


(CBS) Thirty years ago today, the mystery of "Who Shot J.R.?" was solved. CBS News anchor Katie Couric looks back on the cliffhanger that kept everyone guessing:

There's nothing like a good Texas barbecue. But along with Miss Ellie's homemade chili and a stiff Bourbon & Branch, the dish most often served on "Dallas" was the one best served cold...

... Revenge.

And no one had it coming more than J.R. (a.k.a. Larry Hagman).
Iconic! That was likely the best cliff hanger TV has ever seen!

Either that or when the Fonz was jumping that line of cars. :psych:

For me, the life on that ranch hit home. At that time, I was 12. I was still too young to stay home alone so I was shipped off in the summer time to my aunt and uncle's farm in Thurmont, MD. Not nearly the luxurious sprawl as JR's digs, but a nice plot of land nonetheless. The drama that unfolded, the everyday life of the members of the ranch were much like what would go on at the farm so watching every Friday night was almost a microcosm of the life I led there. Of course, no one was ever shot, but Dallas will always be something that reminds me of my youth in a special way. Time spent on that farm were some of my fondest memories from my youth.
I didn't care then and I don't care now. Another soap opera, I've never understood the draw.
My wife and I were really into it. In fact we gave our younger son the middle name Clayton after the character Clayton Farlow (not because we liked the character, we just liked the name.)

The show jumped the shark however, when Bobby (Patrick Duffy) was killed off and then brought back with the entire previous season supposedly a dream.

We stopped watching at that point.
Funny sidenote......a couple of you on this site know...most may not...but I live and work out in LA in the television and film industry. Back in the late 80's I actually worked on Dallas and, as such, spent a great deal of time with everybody there. Alaskan.....you named your son after Clayton Farlow. A lot of the names on the show came from real people.....as is often the way. Wayne Farlow was the production manager on the show. Wayne married Nanette (Farlow) who was the location manager on Dallas for a few seasons. Not sure, exactly, where the Clayton came from.
Gosh if I had known, I would have hit you up to get a spot as an extra on the movie “Everybody lives Whales” which is being shot up here. That would have been cool.

(Everybody does love whales – they’re delicious.) :)

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