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3-4 verses 4-3


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Mar 30, 2010
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My question is are we going to switch to a 3-4 defense or are we just going to run versions of the 3-4...Do we have the personal to run the 3-4 effectively and if so will this make us a better defense.?? I've read that Haynesworth wants to play DE in the 3-4 not nose tackle ...our LB's are not real big on the inside to play a 3-4..
Apparently, Shanahan's not planning a sudden disruptive defensive change but is basing his plans on analysis of the personnel the Redskins have-or may get-which is to me a welcome change from past coaching staff behavoir.

You might want to check out the Something refreshing: Shanny will evaluate personnel before deciding on scheme thread for info on this.
I think its fair to say, based on the coach's comments, that they do want to switch to the 34 but they're not sure how the inherited 43 personel will transition into the scheme. Shanny, made a good point a couple of weeks back, that the staff really will not make any determinations of what packages to use or how exactly they will use the personel, until minicamp. All indictions says that they will likely have a mix between the two going into the season.
I've read where they say they will use a 3-4 with a 4 man front, which implies 3 DL and a linebacker up on the line. It's not hard to imagine Rak, Carter, and Wilson in that hybrid role, and in many ways, they wouldn't be doing anything too different than what they've done up to now.

But overall, I don't think that these coaches will waste too much time trying to fit square pegs...
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