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2023 Washington Roster Moves

Brissett has been a pretty good QB when he has played. He’s not leading a team to a Super Bowl, but he’s been capable every time he’s been called on as a backup. I hadn’t really followed who was a wasn’t out there, but I can’t imagine someone else out there who would be better for backup money.

The best of the remaining group.
Brissett’s the guy I wanted all along. Like the way he plays the game. And I know this is blasphemy to some, but he’s a real upgrade over TH4.

Will push Sam without being a drama guy and be able to carry the water if called upon.

One man’s opinion.
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If I couldn't keep Heinicke, Brissett was also my guy, Om. I'm pleasantly surprised this came about.
He's not an upgrade. Not talent, and now not contract wise. I'm not Theismann to HOF here, but I'm pretty pissed right now.
He's not an upgrade. Not talent, and now not contract wise. I'm not Theismann to HOF here, but I'm pretty pissed right now.

My bold prediction? Sam Howell plays every single snap of the 2023 season. All 19 games :)
Easy guy to like...

Brissett is a solid signing.

Can we get a solid LB signing tomorrow?
Love the Brissett signing. Solid veteran that should keep us competitive if Howell gets hurt or doesn't win the position.
Apparently Heinicke said in his presser that he was headed back to Washington until 2-3 days ago when Atlanta came back with a better offer.
6 year vet. Played for Northwestern in college. Drafted in 5th round by the Colts. Has played the past 2 seasons in Cleveland. Tore his quad 3 games into the 2022 season and missed the rest of it. 6' 1" 235 lbs. Pretty solid MLB, known for his coverage skills. 27 years old. I think this would be a very solid addition.
Walker is one of the LB's we talked about back in our first season of FA pods ... before it became clear JDR doesn't really see LB as a priority. I guess a 4-2-5 base is how we're going to roll as long as he's the DC.
Check the shirt... instant endearment to the old school fans


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