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#2 Pick is ours; what are the chances...


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Jan 20, 2010
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...that we use that and trade with a desperate Browns team for their 2 #1 picks this year, their #2, pick this year, next year's #1 pick, and Colt McCoy (ok, maybe not Colt McCoy)?

Everyone was talking about how the Rams had all this leverage; now we do. Who is to say Shanahan is in love with the idea of getting RG3? They didn't say they were going to take him with the #2 pick, they said making this trade puts Washington in a position to select a quality player. No names were mentioned.

Two #1 picks this year at #4 and #22 gives us the ability to build the team, still allows us to get the QB he wants, and be a contender. There are no guarantees in the NFL. RG3 could very well turn out to be a bust.

Either way, the point is that we now have the leverage and don't necessarily have to select RG3 with the pick. We have lots of options now.
The chance of this happening are slim to none. Bruce Allen said there are 2 guys we fell in love with.

He is talking Luck and RG3. The biggest need we have is a franchise QB. Without the chance for one of these two guys it would be hard to bring in top FA's.

The first question a Vincent Jackson or Garcon would ask us is who is going to be the QB? Now we can say and point to a franchise QB.
I say the chances are about 1 in a million. We didn't make this trade to get picks. There are plenty of other ways to get more picks in a draft that by risking three firsts and a second.
Bruce Allen in his press conference said that they love two players.

The obvious indicator is that those two players are Andrew Luck and RG3. Both fit the system.

Trading to #2 just to trade out of it is a bit silly.

RG3 could bust, Grossman is a bust, Manning could be a bust. How does trading out of the #2 spot allow us to get the QB he wants?

You're assuming he doesn't want Luck or Griffin, two guys who fit the system to a tee. How could you logically deduce that?
If we did trade out of the #2 pick now...chances are Redskin Park would be stormed by fans with Allen and Shanahan run out of town.

We would be laughing stock of NFL and rightfully so.
I'm having a hard time finding the transcript of the press conference with Allen. Did he say who these two players they are in love with are? Did he give names? Did he specificaly say Luck and RG3? How can you be so sure it is RG3 and Luck.

Granted, I am playing devil's advocate here, but don't be so fast to drop panty over RG3. Look, if it is RG3 I will be a happy camper. But I'll believe it when I see it.
The only thing worse than this would be if they drafted Kalil instead of RG3. Ha!

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