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As you know...I recommended this to you a long time ago.

I find the entire idea that PA can somehow serve as a medium for pleasant exchange of ideas absurd - this isn't a soiree with tea and crumpets among colleagues sharing witty repartee. It addresses serious matters that of themselves carry huge emotional energy. Ideas matter. The ideas and values people express are a direct reflection of who they are....and everything that can be inferred from that. How they think, how they respond, what they leave out, what they include, how they navigate through a challenge - it all reveals character. It is very easy to make associations to similar patterns, similar tactics, similar personalities. I grew up during a period, the 60s, when broad discussion was infinitely more volatile than it is now (partly because the media was in the lead then...but I digress). The same thing happened then - only worse. There is no such thing as a pleasant political discussion. Sexual identity, war, discrimination, etc...these are all lightening rod issues that strike to the core of who people are and what they believe.
You recommended it, while along with lots of help from others continuing to ignore the primary goal of the site (which is not to be your or anyone else's personal sounding board or planning session for the revolution, but to be a civil respectful community no matter what the conversational topic) and say whatever you wanted however you wanted. Sorry - but that's just the truth. No one ever said the PA had to be a hand-holding lovefest skirting all 'serious matters'. To suggest that's what we ever sought or were attempting to promote is just an excuse for poor behavior. All we have ever asked is that you all not berate, ridicule, demean, minimize, and mock each other. There is nothing wrong with the goal. You all just weren't up to the task.

You all would never speak to someone face to face the way you do here. That doesn't mean you're incapable of exchanging opposing ideas face to face, in real life. You'd just find a way to say what you needed to say like a decent human being.

It's right there in our 'What We're About' section - our mission statement that was here the day we opened almost 5 years ago.

'BGO was created for Redskins fans who appreciate adult sensibilities like common sense, reason, and the fact that passion and civility need not be mutually exclusive.'

For anyone that doesn't think that's possible or even a reasonable expectation, I'd suggest this isn't the place for you, and would invite you to go hang your hat somewhere else.