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    Air Force

    Default Wwii army rangers reunion

    I wish these old timers could stick around forever

    I wish the country still had their sense of duty and committment


    For veteran Army Rangers of World War II, the chance to reminisce is priceless, especially since the group is losing many in the ranks with each passing year. This year's Reunion was held at Ft.Benning, Georgia where the journey to become a modern Army Ranger begins.

    Many of these highly decorated men, who led the way on D-Day, June 6, 1944, say traveling to reunions is becoming more difficult. Most are in their eighties and nineties, but ask them about volunteering as young men to become elite Rangers, and their eyes light up.
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    Good stuff, Sarge. I'm not sure we of later generations will ever fully appreciate these guys the way they deserve to be appreciated. They did amazing things, fully aware of the risks and in most cases went willingly. Not sure where America misplaced the fortitude these men (and often the women too) had but I wish we could find it again.

    Thanks for sharing.
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