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    Default Tech/Computer advice

    The idea behind this thread is to provide a place for our fellow users to look to when they have questions regarding technology (more specifically for now, computers/laptops). The original post will have a table of contents that links to other posts with information. I'll add posts as I have time/see fit. I make no promises how long it will take to get you something

    I've been working in the IT field for over 6 years as a Systems Administrator; I work as a consultant to a few handfuls of companies managing their networks. In this job I've had the pleasure of working with many different technologies from many different manufacturers/vendors. The idea is for me to give you the knowledge I have as it may relate to your home computing needs. If you disagree with something I have said - please let me know what it is and why, and we'll see how to proceed best. I do not claim to know it all, and I reserve the right to be wrong. That said, most of the topics I post here will be because I'm comfortable with my knowledge in the area. I'm pretty cocky about it, so if you think I'm wrong then be prepared to backup why

    That said please feel free to add content!

    I am also going to (roughly) mark sections with a date/month marker of when it was posted and/or last updated. Be skeptical of old information. The field changes very quickly. Old information can sometimes be as good as bad information (that is to say: not very good). So keep that in mind.

    Also, this is based on business experience. If you have questions regarding video gaming I can't help you any more than basic google searching will - I quit playing video games on computers about 6 years ago, so I don't have a clue as to what the best hardware is for video games. In the past they used to conflict, so don't be surprised if I say x item is terrible but some video game site ranks it among the best; none of this is in reference to video gaming. I'll say this now, and hopefully this will be the last time but I doubt it, the requirements for video gaming and production/business/enterprise/programming/graphics/etc are not the same. A good video gaming card does not make a good 3d Studio Max card.

    With that said - on with the show.

    Table of Contents
    1. Antivirus, Security, and Protecting yourself online - Last updated July 25th, 2012
    2. So you want to buy a computer? AWESOME! - Last update August 2nd, 2012


    annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd...... initiate wall of text NOW
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