This is stirring up a lot of controversy, with regards to whether or not Oscar has an advantage over the other competitors.

I'm having a hard time deciding which side I fall on. Both sides have a pretty obvious case:

Non-advantage - the dude is a double amputee, how can he possibly have an advantage over anyone with two legs? He is at a disadvantage just walking around.

Advantage - his Cheetah Flex-Foot carbon fiber transtibial artificial limbs" are specifically designed to give him additional spring to propel him forward, seemingly a mechanical advantage over other runners.

There have been studies that show both sides, but I think this comes down to the spirit of the Olympics: humans competing at the most basic level, with their muscles, bones, tendons, etc; its supposed to be the purest form of athletic competition. Whether or not its fair to Oscar, I feel letting him compete opens a door that should not be opened.

Still a pretty cool story though.