That derecho was one of the most incredible weather events that I've seen in my lifetime. Locally, we had more than two and a half hours of vivid lightning with the usual rain, hail, wind, and thunder. There were some trees down and a few power outages, but we lucked out here in that regard. It was the most incredible light show that I've seen in many years - a large and prolonged thunderstorm in Virginia Beach back in 1980 was the other one.

That derecho traveled more than a thousand miles and stayed together for more than fourteen hours. Nearly 6.5 million people lost power over several states. Some won't have power for days - perhaps some who are members of this forum. Thirteen lives were lost - all of them to fallen trees (two here in South Jersey). I can't recall such a statistic like that one - ever. The pics and videos are a sight to see. This derecho will go into the history books and it will be studied by weather analysts for many years to come.

My daughter and husband lost power and hope to have it back in a few days. They took everything out of the fridge and freezer and went to Virginia Beach for a few days. All of their food is saved and they had no damage to their home.

Hope everyone here who was in the path of this storm is ok. Got any stories to share?