Superficially, I get the premise. We were built on diversity. Through the years, it has always been about blending and accepting all cultures, religions, etc. However, in recent history, it has really seemed to fire up big time that there has to be an equal amount of blacks an whites in every single aspect of life there is.

I am stating openly right now, that this is not a thread to throw around your opinions of different races. Obviously, opinionated viewpoints are welcomed, but a lot of fact would be great too. We can do this, we can have a discussion that involves race without taking it to the level of school children, because if you keep reading, this is a very interesting trend and topic that I'd like share opinions on.

First, some facts. According to the 2010 Census, the current percentage of the United States that is black is 12.6%. Whites make up 72.4%.

Now, the reason for the thread. Why is it, based on these numbers, are so many jobs, organizations, schools, etc. so absolutely dead set on making every single aspect of American life a 50/50 blend? It's evident everywhere. Maybe here I see and hear about it more, because we have so much tourism, big business, major schools and military, so I will list a few examples.

Currently, a big topic on the local news, is how white the Navy SEALS are and how they need more black recruits. Ok, fine, but what percentage of SEALS are black you might wonder? According to the local commander, he says that they will not release full statistics to the media, but that the number fluctuates between 11-15%, and currently sits at around 13%. Interesting. We need more black SEALS, but they are represented in exact proportion to their percentage of the national population.

Then there was the story last year in this area. There weren't enough black police officers and firefighters, so (no lie) they are announcing that testing standards will be lowered to entice more black applicants. This is a head scratcher for me for many reasons. For starters, you're preaching fairness, diversity, acceptance, etc., then pass a policy that specifically implies that the lack of black officers and firefighters is because they are too dumb to pass the test? To me, that's more screwed up than the fact there are supposedly so few. Another major problem I have with the policy, is who wants their life to depend on someone who can't pass the test like everyone else? For those interested, it was reported that blacks only made up 25% of the police force and fire department in Hampton Roads. Or, roughly double the percentage they represent in the population.

The big story in the newspaper today, is there aren't enough black coaches in basketball. It says they dominate on the court, so they should also dominate on the sidelines. Currently, it says only 23% of Division I men's basketball coaches are black. Again, roughly double their percentage of the population. So what is the answer? They will be doing like the NFL did, and pushing for more rules. But not rules on interviewing, rules on hiring. The way the article was written made it sound like if a school has had a white coach for a long time, they must hire a black coach if he applies for the vacancy.

This is happening all over the place. The work force, higher education, etc. What I want to know, is why are so many different aspects of the country so heavily pushing making everything 50/50 black and white, when that isn't representative of the real world? Especially when Latinos now hold the distinction of largest minority group in the United States.

My personal opinion is that if blacks make up 12.6% of the population, and a current field is 25% black, there is absolutely no reason to push and campaign for rule changes and lower testing standards to hire more. It is already a realistic sample of the country as a whole, and completely kills the notion that there is racial bias in every aspect of hiring. The numbers just do not support it. Just because we constantly hear how unfair and unbalanced it is, doesn't always make it true, because the facts show otherwise.

Besides, I will say that I believe total diversity is not always the best thing. Think about it. With total diversity, we wouldn't have Jazz music, a lot of Southern food, rap music, blues music, etc. Sometimes when a group of one type interacts together without having diversity forced on them, they can come up with better things. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely not a supporter of racial segregation at all. I just think that unless the racial representations drop below comparative levels to the population, there is no cause for concern, rule changes, laws, etc.

If there is not a 50/50 split in the real world, there is no reason for a 50/50 split in every aspect of life. The people who want to do something, do it regardless of their skin color. You can't make someone like something just because you lower the standards for it. If every aspect of the country was to push this, we'd have a proportionately mixed group of people who knew their ****. Then you'd have the group of less qualified, somewhat dumbed down workers who only got in because the standards were knocked down to middle school levels.

Am I just not getting something, or are the policy and rule changes starting to go over the top? There are certain areas (state government jobs, DMV, Social Services, prison workers, etc.) that are almost 100% black. So why then, is there no push for diversity in these fields? They make up a larger portion of the working class than the jobs they push for diversity in. Shouldn't that be a bigger concern?

I just think if the government wants to push diversity, they should push it where there is a disproportionate representation.