We need help with all aspects of production from shooting to editing and marketing. Perfect for students who want to learn video production as well as those die-hard Skins fans who may already have production experience and want to be part of building the "HAIL!" brand. A BIG plus if you have your own equipment (a 3 chip HD camera, tripod, lights, boom mic, editing software).

Check out our first episode at http://www.hailskins.net/
We'll be shooting one episode per month through the off-season and one per week once the season starts with the second episode coming soon!

Unfortunately there is no pay for this yet but as we grow our viewership we hope to attract local sponsors so we can have fun and get paid! In the meantime I'm happy to teach you shooting/post-production in exchange for your valuable time. We also welcome interested panelists to send us a 1-minute video submission explaining why you love the Skins and why you should be on the show.

We got tons of great footage from the draft day party Thurs night and Saturday and are fast at work on episode 2. HAIL!