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Game 12 - Philly. No biggie. Just a season in the balance ...

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    Default Mike Shanahan..."99.99% chance we'll take Robert"

    Hearing it from the horse's mouth might be soothing I guess.

    At a press conference last night Shanny confirmed what everyone has concluded-we're grabbin' RGIII.

    A 99.99% chance anyway.

    Washington Redskins head coach, Mike Shanahan spoke Wednesday evening, on the eve of 2012 NFL Draft at Redskins park. Right off the top, Mike Shanahan was gracious enough to enlighten us on who the team will choose with the #2 overall pick – well kind of… “It’s a 99.99% chance we take Robert.” “Nothing in life is ever 100% certain,” Shanahan said. Of course, Indy has already announced they’ll pick Andrew Luck with the #1 overall pick. So, unless something catastrophic happens within the next day, expect Robert Griffin III’s name to be called when Washington gets on-the-clock.
    Link: http://www.rantsports.com/washington...l-take-robert/

    That .01% chance? Only if Mr. Irsay loses his mind completely and wants Washington D.C. to declare war on Indianapolis.
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    I'm giving it a 2-4 year window. Looking for improvement in all areas. Redskins, you're on the clock.

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    He's just saying that to protect us from getting in trouble with Goodell. He's 100% certain.
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