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Game 12 - Philly. No biggie. Just a season in the balance ...

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    Default So Let Me Tell You About My Day...

    Thought you guys would like this. Today I decided to go to church, forgoing actually watching the game on tv instead of streaming. Since it WAS being broadcast locally, however, I asked my Mom to DVR it. (I know, I should join the 21st century and get one myself) Anyway, I come home and proceed to start watching the 1st Q.

    As T-Rex did his usual thing on the first 2 or 3 series, I was getting ready to just fast-forward the whole thing. The Skins dodged a ton of bullets early, and I was thinking "It's gonna be a LOOONG day." Then a few minutes later I get a text from a co-worker saying "Congrats on the big W."

    D'oh! All that work avoiding scores went for naught, but early notice on a W is better than no notice at all in my book.

    At this point I ask my Mom if she checked in on it. She said when last she looked, late in the game, the score was something like 23-3. It just kept getting better. Apparently not only did the Skins win in their hated rivals' house, they must've stomped them into the sod doing it.

    At this point a couple of things occur to me:

    1) A good buddy of mine who I went through my rehab with is a rabid Giants fan. Yes, I'd already ridden him good about the first game......it was time he heard from me again.

    2) Not only did the Skins take both games from an NFCE rival, something that rarely happened even in the best of the Gibbs years, they probably ruined their playoff chances as well. Awesome.

    Finally, as I'm logging onto Facebook to just, you know, say "HI" to my buddy, a flash of inspiration gave me this joke:

    Q: What do the NY Giants and teepee dust have in common?

    A: They both get swept by Redskins.

    I wish every Sunday was like this.
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    Super Bowl XVII - XXII - XXVI - ??

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    enjoy the sunshine!
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