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Game 12 - Philly. No biggie. Just a season in the balance ...

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    Helmet Skins Quotes 12/2/11: M. Shanahan

    December 2, 2011
    Redskins Park

    Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

    On how disappointing it is for safety LaRon Landry to be declared out against the Jets:
    “I know it really tore him up. He was hoping that he would be able to go, but [his groin] was a little bit too sore.”

    On if Landry ever returned to his level of play from last year:
    “I think it hurts when you come back and, all of a sudden, you strain the Achilles, you hurt the hamstring, you never get back into the football shape you’d like to be in. When he came back, when he played that great first half of the season, he was feeling good physically and obviously was able to practice and do the things you need to do to play at a high level. I’m not sure if he’s ever gotten into the type of shape that he would like to get in, but he’s been working hard to try to come back. He’s just had some nagging injuries that kept him behind.”

    On how difficult it is to return to the level at which he was playing last year:
    “Well, I think once you heal the Achilles heel that you should be able to go full speed right away. He never did get the Achilles completely healed and, when he did fight back, obviously there were some setbacks. Any time you’re set back, it’s hard to get into football shape.”

    On if he looks at patterns in injuries when signing players:
    “Everything’s part of the evaluation process - everything that you do both in-season, out-of-season, injuries – it’s all part of the process when you’re putting a team together.”

    On if the lockout may have affected Landry’s rehab like it did to tight end Chris Cooley:
    “I think any time we keep players from rehab, I think it hurts because we’re working with guys every day and we’re on a schedule. I think what Chris [Cooley] was talking about – if he had been here every day, it would have helped him in his rehab. It’s tough. It’s tough with the lockout. There’s no question about it. We weren’t able to be around these guys and, even though they were getting rehab, we think it might have been a little bit different with us.”

    On Landry’s Achilles injury:
    “Well, I think it did heal and then, all of a sudden, the hamstring went. So the Achilles has been back and forth. When he could get in shape, I think it’s always tough to get in shape during the season, especially when you have nagging injuries. When it’s the Achilles, if it’s the hamstring, it’s the knee, a combination of all of the above – it’s just hard to be at your best when you’re not feeling great physically.”

    On if Landry’s injury will carry over to next week:
    “I can’t tell you about a hamstring. I can’t tell you about a groin. He’s getting a lot of rehab. He’s getting a lot of work. Can he be back next week? Sure. Is he out? I don’t know for sure. I thought there was a chance he would be ready this week.”

    On Landry’s injuries:
    “It’s kind of hard to tell. I thought his Achilles was fine. He had the hamstring and then went back to the Achilles… I can’t tell you all those things. I just know that he’s had some injuries and we’ll just keep our fingers crossed that he can rehab and get ready to play.”

    On if wide receiver Niles Paul is ready to contribute:
    “There’s always that factor any time you’ve been out a couple of weeks – when can you contribute at a high level? He did a little work last week. He’s done some good work this week. We’ve got to make the decision if he’s going to be active.”

    On the injury status of fullback Darrel Young:
    “He passed the baseline test, which is good and so we’ll list him as questionable. We’ll see how he practices tomorrow and how he runs and how he feels.”

    On if wide receiver Leonard Hankerson needs surgery:
    “Right now, I think they [doctors] are thinking about not having surgery. We’ll kind of see how it heals and hopefully it heals well.”

    On guard Maurice Hurt:
    “I thought he played very well against San Francisco – one of the better games against a good defensive end, a Pro Bowl defensive end. I thought he played very physical. I was happy last week even though it wasn’t a perfect game for him, but he did get hurt and came into the game and showed his toughness. Like most young guys, especially on the offensive line, he’ll get better each week. I’ve seen improvement in practice and hopefully it will continue in games.”

    On the screen game:
    “With the screen, sometimes you have to be a little bit lucky. Sometimes, it’s check-offs. Sometimes, you’ll catch it versus the run defense and the linebacker comes up and it times so you catch it the right way. Our linemen can run pretty good, so hopefully our screen game can continue to be pretty good. “

    On Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson:
    “He had a run there that was very, very special. He’s a very talented back [and] a very class individual. I really like the way he’s handled himself throughout his career. When he’s healthy, he really adds a lot to your football team.”

    On what accounts for Tomlinson’s longevity in the NFL:
    “I’ve never coached him, but I would have to say probably his work ethic – how he handles himself in the offseason and what he does to prepare consistently to play at the level that he does.”
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    Colour me confused, in San frans scheme, do they often line up a DE over the Guard?
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