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Game 12 - Philly. No biggie. Just a season in the balance ...

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    Default We can't even win the off season anymore

    I wasn't aware that the Dan Snyder Trophy had slipped from our grasp, but I guess it has. With predictable results


    A 3-6 record? This was unthinkable barely three months ago, when the 2011 endgame for Reid seemed more likely to culminate in him getting hoisted up and toasted, finally, as a champion as his Eagles fulfilled their presumed destiny with a Super Bowl triumph. After all, hadn’t the Eagles absolutely, positively won the Offseason Championship — unofficially known as the Dan Snyder Trophy — with a stunning free-agent shopping spree that prompted even the staunchest wait-and-see advocates to offer a salute?

    These were not the sort of willy-nilly, look-what-we-did expenditures the Redskins have specialized in under Snyder’s ownership. The moves, highlighted by the addition of top-notch cornerback Nmandi Asomugha, plucked from right under the Jets’ noses, appeared to be smart and clever while also stretching the salary cap in unimaginable ways just as the Giants were being handcuffed by their own cap constraints.
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    We've all made that comparison, haven't we? The 2011 Eagles are mirrors of the 2000 Redskins, but maybe even more disappointing. Vick was one of the MVP's of the league last year and the Eagles' had been a strong playoff team before him. Add all these superstars and well...

    The Redskins made their first playoff appearance since Gibbs in 1999 and had an underrated Brad Johnson and the mercurial Jeff George behind center. I think as disappointments, Eagles finally do win a trophy.
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