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    Default Crazy Talented Pole Dancer Airwalking (Totally Work Safe)


    I just don't see how someone has the muscle strength to do this. Pretty damn cool though.
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    It's ok, I don't like you either.

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    Funny when America's got talent had the pole dancers (1 male and 1 female), my wife said she thought they were pretty amazing. I told her I still stood by what I said when I came back from Saipan. There are a few dancers at Chicago who would put any of the contestants on tv to shame. Seriously, there were times I thought it was a dance contest and not a strip show. When the one dancer made herself perpendicular to the pole while coming down controling the speed of her turns was amazing. She had her elbow to wrist of one hand on the pole and the other hand above it with her legs straight out.
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