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    Default Top Obama DHS officials didn't know about London arrests

    With this bunch in charge, I'd stock up on gas masks and potassium pills


    Sawyer sat down with the trio of officials on the same day that British authorities arrested 12 men in England.

    Brennan and Napolitano knew of the arrests and said that the plot would not have threatened the United States, but Director Clapper, who briefs the president daily on the nation's security, appeared to be unfamiliar with the events in London.

    "First of all, London," Sawyer said. "How serious is it? Any implication that it was coming here? ... Director Clapper?"

    "London?" Clapper said, before Brennan entered the conversation explaining the arrests.

    Later in the interview, Sawyer returned to the subject.

    "I was a little surprised you didn't know about London," Sawyer told Clapper.

    "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't," he replied.
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    Sarge...they're too busy looking at TSA genital scans!
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