Redskins Park - Ashburn, VA

Redskins Safety Chris Horton

On his transition from rookie to second year player:

I just have to keep working. I think that what I do on the field, and the way I work speaks for itself. The more plays I make the better. I try to put myself in a situation to say, This guy is definitely a starter.

On the defenses progress:

I think were doing some things well, and were not doing some things well. Its still early, and thats why we meet every night and try to get better. Were going to be really good on defense. We have the guys to do it, we just need to gel it all together.

On Redskins defensive end, Jeremy Jarmons progress during training camp:

I dont know how hes doing it, but I definitely see him upstairs when everyone else is on break, with his playbook open; so hes studying. Hes doing some things well out there. I think the more he continues to work and continues to stay in his playbook; hes going to be good for us.

On Fred Davis:

Ive seen a lot of Fred. I played against him in college. Hes a good player. Hes got to continue to learn his playbook and I think we are going to be able to utilize him a lot on offense.

On what a two-tight end offensive set does to a defense:

Its like everything else. You start game-planning for those guys and you know that you have two really good passing tight ends. Now its just figuring out whos going to be the blocker in the run game.

On what the defense can improve:

In the run game, just making sure as a defense we are hitting the right gaps. In the passing game, just making sure we get into the right drops and everything. Just little things though; nothing major.

On Albert Haynesworth:

The guy is a monster. Hes going to get to the quarterback, hes going to draw the double team, and hes opening up one-on-ones for everyone else. Hes going to be really good for us. I just like the way he works.

On the Redskins defense:

This defense can be as good as we want it to be. The more time we put into it, the more time we study together, I think all that stuff will take care of itself. Were going to come out and were going to continue to work and I think were going to be very good.

On how going against the Redskins offense will help the defense:

It helps us a lot because our offense does a lot of shifting and moving guys around and it makes the whole defense have to think while guys are moving. On paper you see a guy just sitting and he never moves, but once he moves now youve got to do other things.

On improvements on the offense:

Our offense is working theyve put in a lot of stuff everyday and theyre going to continue to work everyday. And I think our offense is going to be alright.

On reacting instead of thinking while playing:

Im definitely not thinking a lot when Im out there. Ive slowed the game down and now its just making sure Im always in the right spot, whereas last year, sometimes I would be in the right spot, sometimes I wouldnt. So now the game has slowed down a lot for me.

On hydrating properly during training camp:

Its easy. You drink a lot of water, you drink Gatorade, and you just drink all day no matter how many times you need to go to the bathroom. You just drink until you fall asleep. Another thing is Im not working as hard whenever there are plays out there. Last year I was all over the place. I was running; I was just burning myself out. Now things are a lot slower so Im moving at the speed where I can get there. I probably drink more than a gallon and a half of water, and I dont know, 13 Gatorades. Because I cramp up a lot, I just drink all day.

On Twitter:

That Twitter stuff I just kind of let it be. If thats what guys do, thats what guys do. Just dont get yourself in trouble by what you say on your Twitter.