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    Jason Campbell on the upcoming season (5-3-09)
    Mike Richman interviewed Jason Campbell during minicamp in May. They talked about him being in his second season with Jim Zorn, about the trio of Redskin pass catchers drafted in the second round last year, and about his bumpy stretch when the Redskins tried to acquire another starting quarterback in the offseason.

    [video]https://www.bgobsession.com/interviews/JC on offseason 5-3-09.mp3[/video]

    Joe Bugel on Joe Gibbs (6-4-09)
    Bugel coached the “Hogs” from 1981 to 1989 during Gibbs’ first decade in Washington. He returned to D.C. with Gibbs in 2004. Bugel, by the way, is arguably one of the greatest O-line coaches in NFL history.

    [video]https://www.bgobsession.com/interviews/BUGEL on Gibbs 6-4-09.mp3[/video]

    Joe Bugel on the Redskins' O-line (6-4-09)
    In the second half of the 2008 season, the Redskins’ starting offensive line seemed to get old all at once and suffered injuries to key players, leading to breakdowns in pass protection that made life tough for quarterback Jason Campbell. Mike Richman caught up with offensive line coach Joe Bugel and asked him about the state of the O-line heading into the 2009 campaign.

    [video]https://www.bgobsession.com/interviews/BUGEL on O-line 6-4-09.mp3[/video]

    Chris Horton on Skins' defense (6-4-09)
    The biggest surprise on the Redskins’ No. 4-ranked defense last season was the play of rookie safety and seventh-round draft pick Chris Horton, who picked off a team-high three passes. Here Horton talks about Zorn and the signing of Albert Haynesworth.

    [video]https://www.bgobsession.com/interviews/HORTON on Zorn, defense 6-4-09.mp3[/video]

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