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    Default Blache Weighs in on Orakpo's Holdout


    Defensive coordinator Greg Blache usually has strong views, and the holdout of top pick Brian Orakpo was high on his list of concerns after the second session Thursday at Redskins Park.

    Blache expected Orakpo to report for the first day of training camp with the rest of the team, but the former University of Texas All-American defensive end missed the first day while his agents continued contract negotiations with the team. The Redskins plan to use Orakpo as an end/strong-side linebacker, and he has a lot of work to do, Blache said.

    "Any time a guy's missing practice, somebody's taking his reps," said Blache, who directed the league's No. 4 overall defense last season. "Somebody else is getting better, he's not getting better [and] we're not getting better as a team. When a guy holds out, it doesn't help him; it doesn't help the football team. The only person it benefits is the agent, so he can recruit people next year. What they're fighting about right now [in contract talks], Orakpo couldn't explain it to you in 20 years probably.

    "He's a very intelligent person, but it's minute things. That's our business. Those things happen. Guys that aren't here, we don't worry about. When he comes then we worry about him. In the meantime, he's got to make decisions, [and] they [Orakpo and his agents] have to make decision. But you know what? We've got to make decisions. We're moving forward."
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    Gotta love Blache's old school approach. I just don't think it carries as much weight these days, especially with Danny in charge and these high salaries these guys making. Then again, I don't think Blache is going to be told who starts, who sits and who can or can't get "punished" for holding out on the Defensive side of the ball either.

    Either way, rookies have to be taught certain lessons. I think Thomas and Kelly learned that last year. The longer Rak stays out, agent or not, the harder Blache and the rest of the coaches will be on him. That's a good thing, IMO.

    Still, I think we'll see him tomorrow or Saturday. Fingers crossed.
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