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    Default DCSportsBog: When Bubba Tyer Set Russ Grimm's Clothes on Fire

    Here's a truth about locker room whimsy, including nicknames, costumes, funny facial hair and pranks involving fire: if a team is losing, fans think these things are immature and silly distractions. If a team is winning, fans think they're bloody hilarious.

    With the Gibbs Redskins, fans couldn't get enough. Thus, Russ Grimm did a prank segment with Comcast SportsNet's Chick Hernandez, detailing who was responsible for what. Dave Butz put honey on a photographer's stand to attract a swarm of bees. Donnie Warren hung the special teams coach's bike atop a flag pole. Jeff Bostic filled Bubba Tyer's car with popcorn. Grimm himself put hair-removal cream on George Rogers's athletic supporter.

    "It was brought up, and it was executed, and it was interesting," Grimm explained.

    Grimm also stole some chocolate cakes from the coaching staff, telling Hernandez that "the shed sat right out back, so a lot of times we were sitting in the shed and the Marriott truck would pull inside the gate and...they'd leave the tailgate open. You're sitting there looking out the window, and you knew all the food was prepared, and you'd just go out and grab a couple."

    Click link for video interview and rest of article.
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    HAHAHAHA.....GREAT STUFF!!! Russ, or maybe the Hogs as a group, should write a book with all these old stories in there. I'd definitely buy it!
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