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Game 12 - Philly. No biggie. Just a season in the balance ...

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    Default WaPo SportsBog: Snyder Takes Responsibility for Zorn Hiring

    Snyder Takes Responsibility for Zorn Hiring

    ..."It starts with me," he said, of his decision to fire Zorn. "It starts with really understanding where we were as a franchise, understanding that hey, I made a wrong decision...admitting that to yourself."

    ..."And we were headed in the wrong direction. It's very simple. And the first thing you have to do is look in the mirror and you have to say-and be honest with yourself, you can't say well, 'Hope springs eternal and it's going to get better and what Vinny Cerrato or Jim Zorn says is going to be great.' No, reality is reality. You know, I didn't call two fake field goals in a row."

    Oh, and I believe Snyder offered his first public comments on the decision to ban all signs from FedEx Field last season.

    "The front office has been changed," he said.
    OK, so I'm reading the SportsBog article above and at first it gets me all encouraged that perhaps Snyder has in fact turned over a new leaf. But then at the very end, my hopes were dashed by the unnecessary dig at Zorn followed by the sidestepping of responsibility on the sign ban.

    IMHO his responses show that if he has in fact learned anything, he didn't learn the right lesson(s). I suspect he may be thinking the lesson was something like "Where I went wrong was in hiring a rookie coach. I really need an experienced head coach and a good GM" when in fact the deeper lessons he should have learned were about not meddling, successful personnel management techniques (including not getting too chummy with your GM), the importance of treating the fans right and good PR...in general, the importance of not being a putz. But then I guess at our core, we are what we are as people and there's just no changing that core essence no matter how much we might want to...or deceive ourselves that we have done so.

    I do think we'll have success with Shanny. However, after he retires all bets are off. Even though the heir apparent is Shanny's son, I doubt Snyder will show him the same level of deference and respect. In fact, with Shanny firmly in charge, I suspect Snyder might eventually find himself bored and eagerly looking forward to the day Shanny retires so he can re-start his usual meddling.

    I don't know if I'm right or not but I sure intend to make a point of enjoying the heck out of the M. Shanahan era because a return to the bad old days might very well be in the offing afterwards.
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