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Game 12 - Philly. No biggie. Just a season in the balance ...

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    Default Redskins Insider: Goodell would intervene on Haynesworth if "I can play a helpful rol

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell met with Redskins' players Wednesday afternoon, and though he chatted privately with Albert Haynesworth after the team meeting, he did not speak with Santana Moss, who has acknowledged he was treated by a Canadian doctor accused of providing HGH to some clients. Of Haynesworth, Goodell said: "He understands. He wants to get out on that field, he wants to make sure that he's performing as a Redskin. I hope he can do that quickly." Asked if it's a situation that might require the commissioner's intervention, Goodell said he would assist "if I can play a helpful role..."I think these are issues that teams and players go through all the time," he said in a meeting with reporters Wednesday afternoon. "They need to get resolved in a way that works for everybody."

    Washington Redskins - Albert Haynesworth - sport - NFL - Santana Moss

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    Put him on the PUP. Be done with this distraction
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