NFL coaches love throwing that phrase around at the open of training camp. But do they really mean it?

Don't count on Mark Sanchez doing much observing once the Jets' season begins. (US Presswire)
About 15 percent of the time they do.

Most of the NFL jobs are already determined, with little change expected in training camp. The good teams have fewer jobs open, the bad ones many more.

Twenty-five years ago, training camp truly did decide jobs. But with NFL football now a year-round thing, with plenty of on-the-field work, it's not quite what it used to be in terms of sifting out starters from backups.

Don't let the coaching clich fool you. Most positions aren't up for grabs in an open competition.

But we've found some that are. We'll focus on one expected training-camp battle from each team, doing so division by division, starting with the AFC East.