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    Default Skins Quotes 8/4/19: Jay Gruden

    August 4th, 2019

    Head Coach Jay Gruden

    On RB Derrius Guice:
    "Derrius is doing good. You know we’ve increased his workload a little bit on a daily basis and he’s handled it pretty well. Now it’s just a matter of handling the reps and making sure he gets enough, but also not overloading him coming off that injury. But, I’ve been impressed with Derrius both in the passing game and the running game."

    On Guice's cutting ability:
    "Yeah, I think he feels good – he looks good. The other day he caught a rail route down the sideline and ran 80 yard and the next play he ran an outside zone and ran about 50 yards, next play he picked up a blitz in pass protection. I think he’s showing flashes of being good in all phases – cutting – obviously we can’t see the power which is his strength. I’ve been impressed with him."

    On his takeaways from yesterday's practice:
    "Yeah I think we got a lot of good work in – still a long way to go from an offensive perspective especially. We have to make the plays that are there for us to make. There’s a few we left out there on the table, but overall I think we’re getting the work done and we just got to continue to build on it each day and continue to get better with every phase – offense, defense, special teams, situationally. We'll do some more two-minute today. We’re really trying to focus on those situations and trying to improve."

    On looking at mistakes in practice as an opportunity to teach:
    "Yeah of course; you’re going to have that every play you have out there is going to be a good play for the offense or not a good play for the defense – however you look at it. Every play is a teaching play, a teaching moment; 11 guys, 22 guys out there on the field somebody is going to do something you need to correct, all the time. The goal is to make sure everybody knows what to do so they can play fast come game day against Cleveland."

    On if the optimism about WR Josh Doctson during mini-camp has carried over to training camp:
    "For sure, for sure. Josh does some good things. He’s obviously a big receiver with great leaping ability. He’s never going to be a guy that gets incredible separation. He’s going to be a guy that’s going to have to make contested catches from time-to-time and he can do that. We’ve just got to give him some opportunities. We have a positive outlook for Josh as we do for all the receivers; Terry’s [McLaurin] come in and done a great job, [Kelvin] Harmon’s doing a great job, Paul’s [Richardson] starting to slowly get back into the flow, starting to feel a little bit more healthy. So yeah, Cam Sims – of course – [Brian] Quick had a big catch yesterday. I like all the receivers; Rob Davis has come in and done some good things."

    On if this week differs because of the first preseason game:
    "It really doesn’t change. The first preseason game – not that we’re taking it lightly, but it's more about we’re still in training camp mode. We don’t do the heavy preparation that you normally would do for a regular season game. First preseason game, is mainly you’re going to call your first two or three install-type plays that you have in; let the players play, play fast, and not so much worry about scheme as you normally would. Still, we want to get them prepared for what they will possibly see so they can adapt and play fast and we can hopefully have some positive plays against Cleveland. We’re still more in training camp mode – probably up until Tuesday we might start to show some Cleveland tape."

    On DL Caleb Brantley's status:
    "Yeah he hurt his foot. It's hopefully not serious – not any torn ligaments or anything like that. He landed on his foot. It’s a mild Lisfranc type thing. He'll be fine."

    On LB Montez Sweat practicing today:
    "Montez will not practice today."

    On the qualities he wants to see from his punt returners:
    "I want our guy to catch the ball. Just catch the ball. Fair catch it if you have to. Just catch it. Trey [Quinn] has really got great hands back there. He's very dependable as far as catching the ball. [Greg] Stroman has done it before. We’re looking at a couple other guys, so it’s a work in progress. We just have to find another one other than Trey. Right now, Trey would be the starter but Stroman's done it, like I said, so we've got a couple other guys we're looking at."

    On the quarterback position group:
    "Quarterback? I think they've all done some really good think without a doubt and they've all done some things that we’ve got to coach. That's just the way it is at the quarterback position. Colt's [McCoy] got the most experience in the system, but he still hasn’t played a whole lot. He hasn't taken a lot of reps. Last year it was all about Alex [Smith], the year before that it was all about Kirk [Cousins], and getting them ready. He's never really worked with the starting team a whole lot. You know, he only played about a game and half last year and he never got reps for that because it was a short week and then he got hurt, so we’ve got to get him more reps. Case [Keenum] has all the reps, but he doesn’t have much experience in the system. He's doing a nice job and obviously Dwayne [Haskins] is a rookie. All three of them have shown flashes of being really good and really productive and all three have shown flashes of, 'Hey, we’ve got to get better,'."

    On LB Jordan Brailford:
    "Ease him in. He got some reps yesterday. He's probably about 75 percent he said. He still had some really good rushes. He's got some explosion off the edge. Great prospect, we just got to get him out there and get him healthy. It will probably be next week before he's probably fully healthy. Hopefully he'll be ready for Cleveland and can play at Cleveland."

    On when he anticipates getting the wide receiver rotation set:
    "Yeah, I think soon. You know, I think all of them – if you dress five receivers in a game, they all should play – keep them fresh, similar to [the] defensive line and all of that stuff. Big thing is just getting them in positions where they’re comfortable. Make sure a couple of the backups know two or three spots. So, it’s a work in progress. You know, we’ve got a lot of, mentioned [Darvin] Kidsy, Steven Sims they’re doing well in slots, as well – and TJ [Rahming]'s doing a good job in slot, so. We’ve got a lot of receivers there to look at. We have to hone down here pretty soon."

    On the timeline for declaring the starting left guard and left tackle:
    "Yeah, I think the beauty of it is we still have a lot of time, but we do want to try to hone in our starters at every position as soon as we can, so we can get them working together. But unfortunately that probably won't happen until probably preseason game number three with a lot of spots."

    On the playing time for the quarterbacks in the preseason games:
    "I'll probably break it up a little bit. Yeah, probably break it up."

    On if Sweat’s injury is becoming a concern:
    "Yeah, no he’s OK. He’ll be fine. He just got kicked in the calf and, you know, these things sometimes take three days, four days, but he’ll be – I think he’ll be OK for Cleveland. We’ll see.

    On the possibility that all the quarterbacks won’t play in every preseason game:

    On how his decision-making process for determining a QB will go:
    "Yeah, we’ll just figure it out, 'Hey, you got the first quarter, you got the second quarter, you got the third, fourth quarter, you aren’t playing.' [Laughs]."

    On CB Adonis Alexander's quad injury:
    "Yeah he’s got a quad. He’ll be a couple of weeks, probably."

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    Default Re: Skins Quotes 8/4/19: Jay Gruden

    Time to put Alexander on IR.
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