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    B QB Battle: Jarrett Stidham (Auburn) vs. Tyree Jackson (Buffalo)

    It seems inevitable that the Redskins will select a young QB in the 2019 draft. Alex Smith's future hangs by a thread. The only certainty is that he will not suit up in 2019. That leaves the Skins with an unproven and injury prone Colt McCoy, and...well...some other guys. With Jay Gruden's job on the line, and the Redskins fanbase mired in doom and gloom, drafting a youngster to lead the way in the future seems like an imperative.

    And don't believe the pundits. This is a great year to do so. While it's true that many of the marquee talents at QB may not be available in this draft, don't be mistaken. There is talent to be had. And in a rare scenario, most of the teams drafting ahead of the Washington Redskins in Round 1 are seemingly set at the most important position on the roster. The Redskins have two choices. Draft one of a handful of more highly touted stars with their first pick, or try and beat the Vegas odds by picking up that hidden gem in later rounds.

    In our 3rd pre-draft QB battle we pit two dark horse candidates who most draft experts see going in the mid-to late rounds, Auburn's Jarrett Stidham and Buffalo's Tyree Jackson.

    Jarrett Stidham
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 215 lbs
    Career Passing Yards (2.75 seasons): 7,217 (195 yds/game)
    Career Completion %: 64.3%
    Career Yards/Attempt: 8.5
    Career TDs: 48
    Career INTs: 13
    Career Rushing Yards: 224
    Career QB Rating: 151.4

    Highlight Reel:

    Conventional Wisdom:

    Stidham possesses one quality that NFL coaches covet - he's an accurate passer. When able to throw timing routes to initial reads, Stidham thrives. He has good mechanics and footwork, and adequate size and measurables. Doesn't possess a huge arm, but can make the requisite NFL throws for the most part. Tends to throw short at times, especially when operating outside of the hashmarks. Stidham is generally a good decision-maker, as reflected by his QB to INT ratio. When things are going well, he rarely makes a mistake. Stidham put up solid numbers but some attribute that to Auburn's QB-friendly relatively simplistic offense. Stidham struggled in two areas during his college QBing career. First of all, he consistently struggled to adjust to pressure or changing game dynamics. When pressure was applied, more often than not, Stidham struggled or made errors or mental mistakes. The other knock on Stidham is that he failed to perform under pressure and under the big spotlight, and did so repeatedly throughout his college career. In terms of leadership, Stidham's coaches have praised him as possessing a great work ethic and being a vocal leader. However, his on the field performance has not always reinforced his position as a team leader. When asked to perform in rhythm is an offense designed to focus on initial reads, Stidham's performance was above average. He's very accurate when things go well on both short and intermediate passes. He does show some ability to make plays with his feet but also seems late to recognize pressure and has shown a propensity to panic when unexpected pressure presents itself.

    Tyree Jackson
    Height: 6' 7"
    Weight: 245 lbs
    Career Passing Yards (2.75 seasons): 6,999 (219 yds/game)
    Career Completion %: 55.8%
    Career Yards/Attempt: 7.3
    Career TDs: 49
    Career INTs: 24
    Career Rushing Yards: 757
    Career QB Rating: 129.3

    Highlight Reel:

    Conventional Wisdom:

    Tyree Jackson is a big, strong specimen with some real power in his throwing arm, and the athleticism to take off and hurt you with his feet. His biggest issue to date have been accuracy and consistency. Throws a beautiful long ball, but has struggled with overall accuracy when compared to other QBs in this class. Reads defenses fairly well, but has a tendency to wait until WRs are open before releasing. Throws a lot of late balls. Does not get rattled under pressure. Willing to stand in and let plays develop even under duress. Tough. Does a good job of recognizing the pass rush and adjusting but does have a tendency to take off, perhaps unnecessarily, at times. Surprisingly athletic with good mechanics for his size. Is not a pinpoint passer and often makes life difficult for receivers with poor ball placement. Believes in his own arm talent but this results in some misguided attempts to force balls into tight windows, with mixed success. One of the strongest arms in this draft and able to throw on the run as well. Does a good job of keeping his eyes down field when taking off. Coaches seem to love his personality and credit him as a very hardworking and intelligent QB. Jackson is a physical beast with all of the natural talent in the world, however the question arises whether his deficits can be addressed with coaching or are innate limitations that will limit his NFL potential?


    Both of these QBs scare me. Let me start out by saying that I would not draft Stidham in any round. I love his accuracy, but he achieved that accuracy in a 'throw to your open first read' Auburn offense. The NFL is all about pressure. It's well understood that the speed of the NFL game is at an entirely different level and I don't believe Stidham will adjust well to that reality. He struggled with pressure at the college level and wilted more than once under the big lights and in big situations. Stidham regressed and seemed to lose confidence in his final college season after a pretty impressive season in 2017. But questions regarding his ability to handle duress, ability to make good decisions, and to process rapidly in an exponentially quicker NFL environment would have me steering clear of him in this draft. When it comes to Tyree Jackson, he might be worth drafting for the amazing measurables alone. He's big, he's strong, he's athletic, and he can throw it a mile with velocity. Those God-given talents aren't common. If Jackson were a much more accurate passer, he might well be the first QB taken in the 2019 draft. But he is anything but. Right now, Jackson would be a safe bet for an RPO only offense. He can kill you with his feet, is strong and powerful, and would strike fear into NFL defensive backfields when taking off. But he's not going to complete more than 50% of his passes at his current stage of development, and that's a major problem. Jackson is one of the riskiest QB prospects in this draft. Teams will be tempted to draft him based on his considerable physical gifts - but those gifts will mean little if he cannot improve his accuracy, decision-making, and ability to release passes earlier. Bottom line: for me, Stidham is not an NFL starter, and my Redskins simply aren't in a position to draft a project in Jackson, even one as talented as he is. Hard pass on both of these guys.

    ***Next Up: Easton Stick vs. Gardner Minshew***

    WARNING: Readers of the QB Battle Threads should embrace predictions with caution, as the creators of this feature may be wrong, misguided, or generally way off base. The author retains the right to totally deny such predictions, delete embarrassing content, or otherwise reject responsibility for statements that prove to be stupid, errant, or humiliating.
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    Default Re: QB Battle: Jarrett Stidham (Auburn) vs. Tyree Jackson (Buffalo)

    Has UB ever put out any NFL-level talent other than Khalil Mack?
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    Default Re: QB Battle: Jarrett Stidham (Auburn) vs. Tyree Jackson (Buffalo)

    Not another Auburn QB - EVER!
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