You know why I highly doubt Williams would be coming here in ANY capacity now or in the future?

Because Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen don't want to hire any Alpha males as coaches or front office executives because in the end they believe these individuals can challenge the existing power structure.

In other words, they are both insecure.

Think about it. Bruce Allen hires Jay Gruden to replace Shanahan. Jay is totally beholden to Bruce for his career. Bruce is a long-time friend of Jay's older brother Jon, so to a degree he is protected for 'going along with the program'.

Bruce Allen then hired Scot McCloughan as GM. Again, Scot was a guy with a long track record with Jon Gruden and Bruce going back to the Raider days. Scot was also compromised because he lost 2 other NFL front office jobs because of substance abuse.

So, he was in need of another opportunity and the more solid teams in the NFL like Pittsburgh, NE, Green Bay, KC, Denver, etc. would not hire him.

It was no doubt ironic that the very weakness that Scot had was one of the issues that ultimately cost Bruce Allen a lot in terms of publicity when it came to Scot's messy exit from the team.

But again, back to the main point.

The Shanahan experience was painful and a knock down, drag out fight for Bruce Allen to remain in control.

He won't make the mistake again of bringing in a coach that is capable on his own resume of challenging Bruce's supremacy.

The only way to get a top quality head coaching candidate in the door for Snyder will be to get rid of Allen.

And that is going to be tough because Snyder has hid behind Allen in recent years so he could avoid having to take direct responsibility for the further decline in the team's fortunes.

Firing Allen means coming out into the light for Snyder, at least to announce the hiring of a new front office executive/GM and having to answer questions which clearly make him uncomfortable.