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    Default Skins Quotes 12/5/18: Mark Sanchez

    December 5, 2018

    QB Mark Sanchez

    On his last 48 hours and how he is trying to get ready for the Giants:
    "You really just plug back in to your normal routine. We have a little bit of a short week because of the Monday night, but like we established the other night, there's no excuses. We're in charge of doing a job. We're excited to go out and play and we're ready to go execute and that’s what this week of prep is for. As soon as the game is over, you get your film done on the plane on the way home, rehash it a little bit on Tuesday morning – yesterday morning – then you get right into game planning for the Giants. We know what's at stake. We understand that this division is really up for grabs, so these next few games, especially the divisional games, carry a lot of weight. Our focus and our energy are about playing against the Giants. We moved on from that last one and now we'll get a chance to get some reps and be ready to play."

    On similarities between the terminologies from his time with OC Matt Cavanaugh at the New York Jets:
    "There's a ton of carryover and that’s been nice to have some of that verbiage and then the new stuff, or quote-unquote new, is really like learning a slightly different dialect of a language you already know. Some words carry over, some don’t, but with people you've been with before, so people you have experience with, they can translate that very quickly. This means what we used to call that, or we call it this here because of whatever, then you get the history behind why they call it that, because so and so, we ran it with Keyshawn Johnson we called it this and now we call it that. So, when you get those little things as the meeting goes, as the walkthrough goes, you just feel more and more comfortable. It's nice having people that you've been around so it's not a complete overhaul so that’s good."

    On if he's been around a team with this many injuries:
    "Listen, when the injury bug hits, sometimes it hits hard. But, like I said at the beginning, there's no excuses, its next man up. When you get your opportunity go and make the most of it. I do think it's very important that you respect the players that did go down and you respect them by studying, preparing and going out and executing you job. Part of that is in a way is in their honor. You want to do it right, because that’s the way they would have done it. Then you get guys around you, guys who've been a long time, Vernon Davis, Trent Williams, guys like that, helping new guys, talking to them, knowing that yeah I've got a job and they could just stay in their lane, but also understanding, hey man this guy is new next to me, we've got a new quarterback and hey man this is how we do the cadence, this is how we do this kind of formation, don’t forget to tag so and so. Hey I'm going to be a little flatter on this because of that. Here's how we've kind of done it in the past, just bringing guys along and I've seen that in this locker room. There's a great comradery on this team and they really understand that we're down some guys – its next man up and let's roll."

    On the feeling of being a free agent one day to leading a team in the playoff hunt:
    "Listen, in some ways two weeks ago, it was an unfamiliar position, but really historically it's a familiar position and that’s what makes it fun. You work for something, you pray for something and then it finally happens. You don’t care what the circumstances are. You're just happy to get a shot. Not to prove anything to anybody else, but just for you, just for you, just for the guys I just met that I've grown close to in just a few days, you want to play well for them. You want to play well for the guys that are selling out, pushing for first downs like Jordan Reed did the other day for that two-minute drive that we had before the half. That kind of stuff is huge, to put new guys in there and a new quarterback and go out and execute a two-minute drive, that’s not easy now. It took a lot of help and a lot of extra effort from players. It's a great situation, I couldn’t ask for anything better and I'm excited about it."

    On building chemistry with the receivers:
    "You know, it's funny you hear a lot of the old coaching adages and guys are talking about running certain routes and in my head I'm thinking how I've seen this guy run a route or whatever and I just keep reminding myself that you're not running the line on the page, you're running the route. These guys are going to run their routes, they're going to have their nuances and it's going to be up to us to get a couple extra reps here and there. Talk about some stuff. Watch some tape together and whatever it takes to get the completion, to get the first down, to put us in field goal position, to put us in scoring position, we've got to do it. Like I said, we have a bunch of guys that are really championing the cause and they know what to do. They know how to bring other guys along and we're excited to work together."

    On having the team's support:
    "Well, it's huge and whenever your peers recognize – one they recognize the situation and two they understand how hard I'm willing to work – that means a lot. Peer recognition, in my opinion is the most important thing, especially when you get to the top of your profession. These guys are the best of the best and everywhere they come from, they're the all-star, their names, their jerseys are hung up in their high school gyms, so when those start to recognize and say hey this guy is here to work, he's here to win, he's on board and he'll do whatever it takes, that means the world to me. They've just reciprocated that to me and I'll just keep my head down and work and learn a lot on the way as well."

    On if he has addressed the team in a similar manner to QB Colt McCoy:
    "Nothing formal and listen these guys are pros. Not to downplay or patronize anything, it's just I don’t know if now is the time for some sort of rah-rah speech or a Friday Night Lights type of deal. It’s just; hey man we are here to play ball, this guy knows how to play, he's done it before – meaning me – and let's just go execute. Let's see what happens, let's see what happens when we put ourselves in a good positon. Let's see what happens when we execute on a third down and get ourselves to third and manageable, without some of the procedural penalties and stuff like that. Guys understand what's at stake and there's no real need, other than individual stuff, with guys as I see certain things, the way I see the field, the way I see certain reads, those kind of things I'll grab a guy here and there and go hey, here's what I'm thinking. Unless we get whatever coverage, I'm going here to here or whatever and they understand."

    On some of the guys he has talked with:
    "Yeah, I mean all those guys, all the targets right? Whether its hand-off mesh points with AP [Adrian Peterson] and [Kapri] Bibbs and [Bryon] Marshall…"

    On the handoff to Peterson for a touchdown:
    "Yeah that was a pretty good handoff huh? [Laughter]. That was crazy [Laughter]. I mean, I saw him make the cut back and I was like oh ok AP, get loose, oh my God! [Laughter] I'm looking around for flags – like holy crap this awesome. I'm glad I wasn’t mic'd up that was really funny.

    Continuation of the previous question:
    "As plays come up, as thoughts come up, different coverages that we are going face. We know, this defensive coordinator, I mean this guy is good. He's been good in Arizona, he's great in New York, he has some serious players and these guys know how to play, so we've got to be sharp. Like I said, there are no excuses, it's not just, oh he just got here, and it doesn’t matter. On third and five, you've got to convert and that’s the bottom line. They are going to judge you just the way they judged everybody else, even if everybody was healthy, week whatever it is, you're going to get a W or and L and a completion percentage and all that. So, these guys know and we'll be ready to go."

    On how many plays he had on Monday:
    "Oh geez, I don’t know, we've moved on. Listen, it was limited let's just say that. It was limited, we did the best we could and now you've got to move on and with this extra time, understand that we expect more from ourselves. From myself, I expect more and the coaches feel the same way."

    On how far he can take the playbook based on this extra week:
    "Oh man, there are certain concepts that Coach [Jay Gruden] likes, that I like, a lot of those just kind of create a little Venn diagram there and whatever lands in the middle there you know. What our guys do well, and I'm really in a great spot, because the coordinator, quarterback coach, they know me really well. They also know these players and they can relay some of that information, like hey when he runs that specific route just be ready for this as an indicator or whatever it is. There are a million nuances that you are never going to completely grasp but enough to play a game and play well."

    On if the 'butt-fumble' bothers him when it still comes up:
    "Like I said, what are you going to do? It was a crappy play in a game where we were getting our butts kicked. Some low hanging fruit, so that was an easy reach for you [Laughter]. I'm just kidding; I'm just kidding [Laughter]. Come on, you can give it to me; I can give it right back [Laughter]. Come on now, thick skin in here right now. No listen. Who cares? It is one play and you just move on. I prefer to remember the good stuff. You seem like a Doomsdayer [Laughter]."

    On if he feels different about how he played today versus when he walked off the field:
    "Oh, I knew I left a couple of easy ones out there and let the one on the rollout get away from us, because we had just gotten a first down, and we were starting the move the ball a little bit. Had a couple of negative plays, procedural stuff that we will be able to knock out and when you get into second and 15, second and 20's, you're really behind the sticks and now you're kind of reaching for plays. At the same time, trying to be smart and make sure the defense isn’t right back on the field, give those guys a break. So, we had a lot of those things working against us but I think this week a lot of that will be cleaned up. Those easy ones, those routine ground balls, you've got to field them and throw the guy out and I missed one over the middle to Chris Thompson, I threw it a little high. Immediately after the play he was like, 'my bad man, my bad' and I'm like dude that's got to be in your numbers, come on. That I can do. I know I can do that. We'll hit the easy ones and when it comes time to make a play, I know how to do that and these guys are athletic. They've got great hands. They understand spacing really well, and they understand broken plays, so they will be coached up and ready to go."

    On how he feels his playoff experience helps him:
    "You just know what's at stake. Without that kind of experience, you'd never know. I think talking with even some of the coaches, there's a mentality at 6-6 for a lot of teams. A lot of teams find themselves in this position and I can only relate it to what I know. I just remember my rookie year, we were about right here. I didn’t know any different, I'm like; 6-6? We won a bunch of games in college, we won a bunch of games in high school, either we suck as a team, or I'm playing crappy, like this is all bad, everything. There's no way we are going to do anything about it. I just remember the older guys going, 'Hey man we've got this last quarter of the season, just wait.' The Nick Mangold's, the Alan Faneca's, the Bart Scott's, those guys, just hang in there. Trust the process, go through your reads, make sure you throw it to the right color jersey and we'll be just fine [Laughter]. Those kinds of pep talks to a 22-year old rookie, these guys just don’t know. They've never experienced that and until I went through it, you don’t realize how close 6-6 is. You get to 10-6, I mean we've just got to get to 7-6 first, but you just get to 10-6, then we're talking playoffs. We're talking about something important and so that’s the global scale and now it's ok. We understand what we are doing, let's get right here. Let's get right down to the most important thing and that’s playing on Sunday, at home, in front of our fans. Let's go execute, let's just go execute and see what happens. Don’t worry about all that stuff in the future; we know what's at stake. But, let's just execute, see what happens, have fun at this practice, let's go knock out this walkthrough, let's go get through this practice, let's get that lift. Let's see what happens. You'll be better for it; I know that for a fact, I can promise those guys that. I can't promise them the playoffs, but I can promise them they'll be happy, thinking back, win or lose, hey man, I gave it everything on Wednesday, so that's kind of where I'm at."

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    Default Re: Skins Quotes 12/5/18: Mark Sanchez

    Aside from being honest, he was also upbeat and said all the right things.
    He is mature, and realizes that this might very well be his last shot.
    Good luck Mark!
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