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    B Obsessed - Thank you very much....

    We're in our 10th year of existence. Although we won't *officially* celebrate our 10th year of service until next July, we've been at this for nearly a decade.


    The owners and moderators here learned our trade with a lot of great Redskins fans at Extremeskins.com. Some of you also claim that shared experience. After the site became the *official* team messageboard, several of us inevitably lost interest and decided to forge ahead on our own.

    A number of you followed us here - for which we are eternally grateful.

    But what we all share is something a lot more powerful and meaningful - a passion for Washington Redskins football that spans decades, if not a lifetime.

    Our team is in the midst of a pivotal season. They lead the NFC East and may be on the verge of something special. But skepticism, past demons, and a history heavy with doubt and disappointment temper our expectations. The NFL itself is experiencing a fan crisis with scores of fans finding better ways to spend their time. NFL stadiums, including our own Fed Ex Field, struggle to fill seats.

    But the hardcore fan remains.

    Thanks for being hardcore. It's not always easy to be a fan. And committing to an internet watering hole - with so many options out there, we don't take your presence here for granted.

    So thanks for being a part of our community guys and gals.

    We'll celebrate for real next July. But in the meantime on behalf of myself, Om, Henry, Neophyte, Miles Monroe, and Burgundy Burner just wanted to send some love your way.

    And btw - the Redskins are going to the NFC Championship this year - you heard it here first...
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    Default Re: Obsessed - Thank you very much....

    Of course, things would be better if you could actually cook.
    Om just talks too damn much.
    Henry used to have a candy bar named after him. Not sure how he blew that gig.
    Neo, our bravest, heads the sleeper cell we have planted in the enemy's territory. All Hail Neo!
    Miles?....."Getcha motor running...….Head out on the highway"
    And BB? Well, he's just lazy. Guy never does nuthin' around here.

    Greatest place, ever!

    It is my pleasure to bless this place with my participation.
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    Default Re: Obsessed - Thank you very much....

    You're welcome.
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    The more things change...the more they stay the same. It's like deja vu all over again.

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    Default Re: Obsessed - Thank you very much....

    At this point I've probably officially been downgraded from hardcore to just core, but I'm trying to hang in there. Thanks for the spot, brothers. I love coming here, but the last six or seven seasons make me none too happy about it. Cheers.
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