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    Default Skins Quotes 10/4/18: Gruden, Manusky, Payton

    October 4, 2018

    Head Coach Jay Gruden

    On injuries:
    "Did not participate was [Troy] Apke, hamstring; [Josh] Doctson, heel; [Shawn] Lauvao, calf. Limited were [Josh] Norman, hamstring; [Adrian] Peterson, ankle; Paul Richardson, shoulder; [Brandon] Scherff, knee. Full were Zach Brown, oblique, and Ryan Anderson, hamstring."

    On WR Josh Doctson's injury:
    "He got kicked in the heel on Monday on our bonus day and is sore. He'll be day to day."

    On if he fears that Doctson will miss the game:
    "Fear? No fear. [Laughter] I don't know he's day to day so we will have to wait to see how he improves, get him out there running, hopefully by tomorrow or the next day."

    On RB Adrian Peterson:
    "He did a little bit today. He did good. He did fine. We did some individual with him, got a couple of team reps and then we sent him in to get some more rehab, but he looked good. He wanted to cut a few times and did and is making progress."

    On making a decision on G Shawn Lauvao's and where to play C Chase Roullier:
    "Well Lauvao didn't practice today so it was an easy decision. Chase stayed at guard and [Tony] Bergstrom stayed at center."

    On which day he will determine if Lauvao will play and let Chase finish the week at guard:
    "Yeah, probably, something like that."

    On RB Chris Thompson's health and if he looks like the same player from last season:
    "Yeah I think he does. I think he's explosive and fast and physical and everything he was before the injury, if not better. He's done a great job of rehabbing. He's done a good job with the trainers and done everything they've asked him to do and he hasn’t lost a step in my opinion. You can't put a number on what he's worth to this football team. Last week, he only had one catch, but they [Packers] were doubling him a lot. They had defensive lineman dropping, trying to help them, and when they don’t he's a great match-up for us both in the passing game and pass protection. So, I've said it many, many times how important he is to this team."

    On T Trent Williams playing Monday:
    "Yeah, he didn’t do too much today; very limited, did some individual. But, he is progressing. He was limited."

    On last year's game against the New Orleans Saints:
    "A lot to learn, obviously whenever… and we knew going in, any time you play against a great quarterback with a history like Drew Brees, there is no lead safe. You have to continue playing offensively and defensively and special teams and the minute you give him a cracked door, they will kick it down and that’s what they did. We gave him a couple great opportunities. We had an interception called back because we ticky-tacked, supposedly touched a guy. Then we had an intentional grounding. We had a third-and-one we didn’t convert, a couple blown coverages we didn’t take advantage of and a two-point conversion we weren’t sound on. That’s just the way he is; he will make you pay if you are unsound in any way, shape, or form. We have to make sure we are on top of all of our fundamental plays, defensively and offensively to make sure we get this thing done."

    On if the Saints game last year sticks with him more than any other losses:
    "Not really. I don’t like to lose to anybody. Anytime you lose to the Cowboys or Giants or Eagles or Saints or anybody, it's not fun. But, we did have a good lead there, 15 points with five minutes to go, had a chance to step on their throat and get the win, but Drew did his thing and made a great comeback."

    On what he will do if New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees sets the all-time passing yards record:
    "Probably clap. [Laughter] It's a great accomplishment man. You have any coach or player in this league, you have got to have the utmost respect for what he's accomplished in his career. To have the game stop for a few minutes to congratulate him, I think it is well worth it. We've just got to get our wits about us and make sure we fight on and play the next play. That’s all we can do."

    On New Orleans Saints WR Michael Thomas:
    "They have an arsenal of weapons and Drew does a good job of finding the open guy, and it just so happens, its Michael Thomas quite a bit and Alvin Kamara. They also have Ted Ginn who's a good player and tight ends can play and obviously [Mark] Ingram with the running game, so it's a tough deal. The thing is he doesn’t line up in one spot, where you say, "Here he is, let's do this, let's double him here." He lines up in the slot, he lines up everywhere and he can run all the routes from outside or inside – very effective player."

    On having a defender following Thomas in the formation:
    "I think if he's inside, I don’t have a problem with Fabian [Moreau]. Fabian is playing very well right now in the nickel. Then, if he's outside I feel good about our two corners, both of them playing."

    Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky

    On DL Matt Ioannidis' limited playing time against Green Bay:
    "Well, the one thing with Aaron Rodgers is everybody knows he will catch you if you sub. Some of those situations were situations where we couldn’t sub in the personnel we wanted because of the situations with him doing that, so that’s how those circumstances arose."

    On the challenges in facing a player like New Orleans Saints RB Alvin Kamara:
    "I just think he does a great job catching the ball, running the ball, great vision, great sight lines in the run game. Overall, he's a good football player and he's been showing for the last year and even in the beginning of this year. It's always a challenge for us as a defensive coaching staff and as players to make sure that we have as many people around him as humanly possible and that’s what we've got to try to do."

    On the defenses key points when facing a team like the Saints:
    "Well, I think the biggest thing is communication. As long as we are on the same page and we communicate and play the same coverage, we will be fine. From our standpoint, we do have a couple of young guys in the back end. But from our standpoint, hey it's the players we have out there and we’re excited to see them perform at a high fashion, so we'll be ready Monday night."

    On the return of Saints RB Mark Ingram and what it does for the Saints offense:
    "[He's] another good football player, great in the backfield, [and an] explosive player. Same thing, good sight lines, good vision points, good in the pass game, also in the run game, he is top notch. Dual-threat [with Alvin Kamara] – two different guys, one is a speedier guy, one is a more downhill hit, strike and make sure he shuffles through the holes, but good football players."

    On the challenges of facing Saints QB Taysom Hill:
    "I think any challenge when you have those two quarterbacks, you don’t know if Brees is going to be in, or number seven [Taysom Hill] is going to be there so from our standpoint we are going to try to put a little package together and see what we can do on Monday night."

    On defending the wildcat formation that features Hill:
    "Well he can still throw, so it doesn’t matter he's still a quarterback that plays in the National Football League. It puts us in a certain bind at times but we'll have a package for it and take it from there."

    New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

    On playing RB Alvin Kamara and RB Mark Ingram together:
    "Well look, I think for Mark, it's a four-week suspension so it wasn’t like he wasn’t involved in training camp or I know he's in good shape. It kind of gets us back on schedule just relative to what we want to do with the rotation. I think the challenge in the first four weeks was just overusing Alvin and I think that there's an attrition that goes with that. But, for us from a game plan standpoint, it's a little bit back to normal relative to their carries and their roles."

    On if Kamara's ability to break tackles is unique:
    "I do think he has good balance. I think he's illusive that way. He can run and he is someone that will take a hit and yet keep his feet. I think he has real good vision and he's extremely intelligent. So those were all traits in scouting him. He split carries at Tennessee and I would say that certainly there was an initial vision of someone that was going to be very good as a receiver and very early on in the process you also saw not just the outside run schemes, but also the plays that were hitting off tackle or inside. No different than just the power [run play] from the other night against New York [Giants]. I think that combination of vision and balance is something that served him well."

    On if he is surprised by the success RB Adrian Peterson has had this season:
    "Man, I'm not and I say that in a very complimentary way. I think they do a great job in their run game and it's one of the teams we'll bet up each week. I've worked with Bill Callahan before. I think it’s been a perfect fit really. When he was here, we still saw it. We still saw everything through the offseason into the regular season. The challenge for us became just the amount of touches with the number of backs we had, but I think it's a great match."

    On the 2011 playoff game vs. the San Francisco 49ers and QB Alex Smith's performance:
    "I remember quarterback-39-crack on a key third down where they just snapped it directly to him and all of the sudden he came sprinting around our sideline. It was a relatively low scoring game, and then in the last quarter, I think, I don’t know how many points were scored. But it went back and forth. He hit the all go to Vernon Davis looking for a big play – obviously the game winner. He's always been a player that's had great poise. He's accurate. I mean what can you say. It was one of those legendary games and you just hope you're on the winning end of more of those than the losing end."

    On how much he thinks a quarterback can grow from a game like that:
    "Listen, a playoff game in that environment and bringing his team back – both quarterbacks. At one point they're coming from behind and then all the sudden we're coming from behind and then they're coming. I mean that's how that thing went the last ten minutes of that game. There were a lot of plays, some you remember and some you don't remember as well. But, he played exceptionally well."

    On his history of using running backs as pass catchers:
    "Well listen, in fairness to history you go back in the 70's and shoot, Minnesota was in brown and blue. It wasn’t always necessarily the half back. It might be the fullback that was catching a lot of balls. So, I don’t think it's anything new. I think with the amount of man coverage that we're seeing, you get opportunities for the tight ends or the backs to find themselves on safeties and linebackers. I think when we do third down tonight for instance, you're constantly looking at the matchups. Who's going to cover who in man [defense]. I think it's a closer target generally, but it has to be the right back."

    On creating new plays for QB Taysom Hill:
    "Well, he's an interesting athlete. Obviously he's smart. He does a great job first in the kicking game. I think he's a real good quarterback. Meanwhile as you dress three quarterbacks, what are the different roles you can put them in? He's just one of those guys that we can kind of plug in each week and have a package of plays maybe that are different. He is someone that is big and exceptionally fast, so I think those are real good qualities."

    On how many different ways he's seen teams try and defend Hill:
    "Well, most of the time we put him in kind of in a nickel fashion because of the rest of the bodies that are on the field. But each week, depending on whether we're wanting a base look or a sub look, a lot of it is who's on the field with him. You have to be careful you're not putting him out there expecting one defense and getting another. We try to pay attention to that."

    On his impressions of WR Michael Floyd while he was in New Orleans:
    "He's someone when he initially got here, was a little heavy, but he dropped his weight. We felt the last two weeks were real good. Right when he got to that 219, 220, 221 weight, you saw the speed and the transition. He's not afraid to block at all. He's an exceptionally large target. I think those are things that you're always looking for in a receiver – someone with his span and he can high point balls."

    On if he thinks Floyd can get back to the level of play he showed a few years ago:
    "Yeah I do. Listen, I think that he has years left in him. We felt that way right at the end. With his weight down – Marques Colston was this way. I could tell when Marques was 225 or when he was 219. He was an entirely different type of route runner when he was heavier. The transition, all the things you're looking for become more difficult. Then right when that training camp was over and the season was beginning and he was at 219 or 220 – I'm not sure what the perfect weight is for Michael but they reminded me a lot of each other."

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    Default Re: Skins Quotes 10/4/18: Gruden, Manusky, Payton

    My observations so far:

    Continue to start Rouiller at LG and Bergstrom at center. Let Lauvao fill a backup role especially as he is dinged again for the third straight season.

    Get Floyd involved in the passing game along with Harris if he clears protocol.

    We need to see what we have in the other receivers and then come to a decision point in re making a trade to upgrade our most glaring area of disappointment/need in 2018.
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