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The QB class for this year is weak, but there are two candidates who have the most potential - Drew Lock of Missouri and Brett Rypien of Boise St.

We shouldn't reach for Lock, but if he does fall to us in the first round, you make the pick.

I'd be ok with reaching a bit for Rypien in the third round (we have two picks in the third, so that would be a good move). He is a fourth round talent and would need a year to learn the offense and the NFL. His potential is unlimited.

A better solution would be to trade away our first this spring for a 2020 first and gain a second round pick in the 2019 draft. We would have two first round picks in 2020 and the ammo to target a QB in what is looking like a much better class.
That’s the conventional wisdom. But we all know the conventional wisdom is almost always wrong . There will be 2 QBs in this class that are NFL starters. Problem is - even if true, the odds that the Redskins can ID one of them and draft him are beyond slim.

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