Several seasons back, Docsandy made a generous donation of some classic items to BGO. Thanks so much Sandy!

One of the items donated was a Redskins keyring collection, many of them are one of a kind collected during the glory days of the first Gibbs era.

That gift sparked in my little brain an idea for a new weekly contest, which we're cleverly calling 'Keys to the Game'.

To play, all you have to do is post in this thread. Each week, before kickoff, let BGO know what you think the key play, player, or moment that will turn out to be the 'turning point' or 'deciding factor' in the game will be. Remember that others may have similar ideas, so be as specific as you can. Give us the WHAT, the WHO, and the WHEN. You don't have to assume the Redskins win to make your guess - you can base it on an opponent's performance.

Do not describe the entire game or post a littany of things that could happen. The winning entry will be the member who makes a concise, clear prediction of a key play, player, or moment that turns the tide of the game.

For example, 'Late in the 4th quarter, with the Skins holding a slim 3 point lead and Pittsburgh driving for the winning score, Breeland intercepts a tipped Roethlisberger pass to seal the win'. You could also predict a specific player's performance such as 'The key to the game will be a record 5 sack performance by Ryan Kerrigan, one of which results in a fumble returned for a TD'.

The BGO member who, in staff's estimation, nails it or comes closest to predicting the 'key to the game' will receive a vintage Redskins keyring in the mail the next week.

Get predicting!

PS - if you were a 2017 winner, and have not done so, please contact Om via PM and give him your mailing address so we can settle up!