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    Helmet Skins Quotes 7/12/18: CB Adonis Alexander

    July 12, 2018

    Cornerback Adonis Alexander

    On the supplemental draft process and receiving the call:
    "I was actually in my room with my mom playing a game. I was playing Fortnite. Actually, I was playing with Tim Settles of the [Washington] Redskins. So, it was kind of exciting to be on Fortnite and to get drafted by the Redskins and playing Fortnite with my future teammates."

    On his experience at Virginia Tech:
    "I have definitely used it as a learning tool. I definitely made some mistakes at Virginia Tech but I’m using those – just learning from them. Using them to help form a better character, form myself as a man. I’m trying to benefit from the things I did in the past in a good way."

    On what he can contribute to the Redskins:
    "I think I can definitely add another ball hawking defender. They already have a lot of great DBs there but, just adding depth. I feel like I can add a lot to the special teams, also… a hard-nosed defender, passionate player, great teammate, physical presence.”

    On if Redskins DB coach Torrian Gray and former teammates will help transition:
    "As far as that helping me make the transition it should be a lot of help, a great amount of help. Coach Gray knows exactly how to coach me. With my teammates, they have been around me. They know exactly the type of person I am. Both of them [Tim Settles and Greg Stroman] were always leaders of the team, they definitely did the right thing so I am going to follow in the footsteps of them and the veteran players and make the most of this opportunity."

    On preparing for training camp:
    "I am definitely going to need to get into the playbooks. As soon as I get out of this flight I know I will be meeting with Coach Gray and the defensive coordinator [Greg Manusky]. We will definitely go over the playbook probably around today or tomorrow so that’s the biggest thing, being conditioned and getting ready to compete."

    On handling the scouting process:
    "Just be completely honest with them. Let them know everything. How I felt about it. I was actually glad that I got to do the talking because the media might not put the best spotlight on me so the fact that I got to express myself to them personally and let them know firsthand what happened. Basically was upfront with them about everything and they appreciated it."

    On being drafted by the Redskins:
    "I’m very comfortable with them. This is a golden opportunity for me. Being able to play with Coach Gray, being able to play with former teammates, I feel like it was the best opportunity I could’ve gotten."

    On changes throughout college career:
    "I definitely made a lot of changes from my freshman year. I came in as an immature high schooler. I ended up coming in a semester early, I graduated high school a semester early ended up enrolling into [Virginia] Tech. So I definitely feel like I came in immature, I definitely matured throughout the past year and the situations have nothing but built better character, made me stronger, made me want to persevere through this whole process even more than I did before."

    On his strengths at safety and cornerback:
    "At safety, I feel like my strength is just being an instinctive player. I feel like that's a plus for both of the positions. Being physical would definitely be my strength in playing safety, coming down to tackle and stuff. As for corner[back], my competitiveness, instincts, like I said, would definitely be a strength at corner because as far as playing corner, it’s a one-on-one thing with you and the receiver. I’ve definitely tried to win everyone at a one-on-one battle."

    On his preference of playing safety or cornerback:
    "No not really. I’ll go wherever coach needs me to go."

    On if he has talked to any of his former Virginia Tech teammates:
    "Yeah, I had talked to [Greg] Stroman and talked to Tim Settle. Definitely Coach Gray, definitely kept in contact with a lot of them, even while I was still at [Virginia] Tech. So you know, this process, this whole thing happening with the Redskins is just a gift really. I had already talked to them before, so it all really just fell into place I guess."

    On if he had any contact with Kansas City Chiefs DB Kendall Fuller:
    "Yeah, I definitely talked to Kendall Fuller. I talked to him probably a couple weeks ago, and then I talked to him the first week I found out about me entering the supplemental draft. Talked to him a couple of those days and got some advice for what I needed to do, what I needed to work on, what I needed to be to prepare myself for."

    On changes he made to his lifestyle:
    "I became more consistent with doing the right thing, became more mature. Definitely being more mature and treating this like a job, not just a hobby."
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    Default Re: Skins Quotes 7/12/18: CB Adonis Alexander

    Alexander to me seems like a good value pick. The Redskins were perhaps in a unique position to evaluate him with Gray here as the DB coach and several ex-teammates on the NFL roster to give their input as well.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Alexander move to safety in the end. He has the size and speed to be a very good safety. At corner, his speed is pedestrian and I wouldn't think he is more than a dime or at best nickel back over time.

    Right now, the Redskins really don't have a lot behind Swearinger and Nicholson at safety so using a #6 pick a year ahead of time to bring in a prospect that could contribute there is being proactive.

    The fact the Redskins have two other #6 picks next April makes this an easier decision as well.
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