I haven't had time to binge watch this year as I have the past two World Cups but I am paying attention. I know there are a few other soccer fans here (Elephant, Om, just to name a couple), so I thought I'd start a thread for the biggest sport event in the world. It's a bit of a different experience without the USMNT being involved but still thoroughly enjoyable and a great way to get into a sport that we all know something about but often don't completely understand. The 2010 World Cup in South Africa is the event that jump started my love of the Beautiful Game.

Observations from this year:

- This tournament is wide open right now and could totally see a dark horse lift the trophy. Most of the traditional powers (Brazil, Germany, Argentina, and France) have looked less than convincing so far. Germany was totally out classed by Mexico, Argentina stands on the brink of elimination, Brazil drew with Switzerland and needed extra time to put Costa Rica away, while France has yet to look good even though they have won twice.

- Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is making it's World Cup debut in this tournament and it helping to clean up some of the tradition crap that has put many Americans off of soccer. Just today VAR overturned a penalty that was awarded to Brazil when Neymar put on a show worthy of an Oscar. From the on field official's point of view it was a clear penalty. VAR had a different angle that showed it was a complete act and that the defender did nothing wrong. The call was corrected.

- Iceland, playing in their first ever World Cup and the smallest country to ever get in, is on the brink of advancing out of the group stage after earning a draw with traditional power Argentina in their first game. This is a great story. They are coached by a dentist and a number of the team members hold down second jobs. One team member is using vacation time at his regular job to play in the World Cup for the national team this summer.