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Don't forget Paul Zimmerman, aka Dr. Z. He waged virtually a one man campaign against Monk that was far too successful for far too long.
Yup. It's the all out campaign to keep the guys who are obviously deserving that's the most troubling.

So, to have the voters tell it, Joe Gibbs' Redskins went to four Superbowls in ten years with only four HOF players.

1) Rb 1) WR 1)G and 1)Db

Ok...if that's the case, then how'd they get to 4 winning 3? If you had basically zilch at the skill positions, wouldn't that mean the Oline had to be pretty awesome?

You can't get there without some pretty damn good to great players.

To me, the voting body is a very Low Football IQ, ignorant bunch.