OK, Redskins fans. If you don't want to pay Kirk Cousins $28-30M a year on a deal with significant guarantees, how about letting him go in free agency and taking your chances on a quarterback who threw for 4,042 yards, with 26 touchdowns and five interceptions this season? And carries a salary of just $17M in 2018?

Drum roll....................Welcome to Washington, Alex Smith


It's great that Kirk puts up raw stats in terms of yardage and moving between the 20's. But those stats alone don't tell you if a guy has what it takes to lead a team to a championship.

And that's certainly the case with Alex Smith. A perennial post-season participant, in 13 years in the NFL Smith has only quarterbacked his teams to ONE win during that time.

So, no one would call Smith a savior for Washington.

But strictly looking at his stats from 2017 in a vacuum without knowing anything else about the player, those 2017 numbers would have you thinking this quarterback (or Cousins for that matter) belongs up there with the best players in the game.

But it ain't so.