November 22, 2017

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On injuries:
“Out will be Terrell McClain. Montae Nicholson is out. Out will be Chase Roullier. Out will be – who else? I think that’s it. The rest will be questionable. I can’t read it, but you’ll get the rest of the injury report later.”
[Note: TE Jordan Reed was also ruled out.]

On the challenge of starting OL Tony Bergstrom following a week without practice:
“He’s been here a couple weeks though, so he’s ready to go. He’s played a lot of football. He played at Oakland and has done some good things. He was just at Baltimore, so he’s been in the NFL games before. But with Kirk – cadence, snaps, all that – he hasn’t really taken a lot of reps with him. But I think he’ll be fine.”

On how long C Chase Roullier will be out with his injury:
“I don’t know yet. It depends on how he can… It’s very similar to Matt [Ioannidis] as far as how he can play with it bandaged or whatever. Obviously he can’t play with a club like Matt, but if he can play with his fingers free, then he could probably be maybe next week. We’ll see.”

On who will start in place of S Montae Nicholson:
“We have [DeAngelo] Hall and [Deshazor] Everett there, they’ll both play likely.”

On if Everett could be the starter:
“They’ll both play. I don’t like to talk about depth charts. People get upset and tweet and all that stuff, so we’ll just let them run out there and play.”

On what’s been clicking with the offense the past few games:
“I think they’re getting more comfortable with one another. Kirk [Cousins] is playing good and the offensive line is giving them protection. Our running game has helped a lot with Samaje [Perine] rushing for over 100 yards. Minnesota, we had a pretty good base of a running game, so our balance was there. We were in the games obviously, so a combination of a lot of things.”

On who will play left guard:
“That will be Arie Kouandjio.”

On if T Trent Williams will be a game-time decision:
“I think we’ll have about seven or eight game-time type decisions. We’ll get them out there before the game around 5:00, 6:00, whenever it is and have them run around and we’ll make a decision on them. The player will obviously have the ultimate say, the trainer, and then we’ll go from there. But we have backup plans for everybody that’s on the questionable list.”

On the decision to play Kouandjio at left guard instead of T Ty Nsekhe:
“Well, Nsekhe can play left tackle also. It could be Nsekhe at guard. It could be Kouandjio at guard if Trent plays. If Trent doesn’t play, it’ll be Nsekhe at tackle, Kouandjio at guard. So, we have a couple options there. We’re just trying to play out all the scenarios. There’s quite a few.”

On LB Pete Robertson:
“He’s a great athlete, number one. He started out at inside backer and then we put him down at one-on-ones and he was one of our best pass rushers on the edge, so he can give you a little bit of everything. But for the most part, we’ve got him at inside linebacker. He’s our fourth linebacker just in case [Martrell] Spaight can’t go. So if Spaight can’t go, it’ll be [Zach] Vigil and Zach [Brown] and Josh Harvey [-Clemons] and Petey. If Spaight can go, we’ll play Spaight. Just got to wait and see.”

On who will be start at linebacker with Zach Brown:
“Well, hopefully it’ll be Spaight, but if he can’t go then it’ll be probably Vigil. Or Josh Harvey [-Clemons].”

On WR Ryan Grant’s calf injury and how he has looked the last few days:
“Well, we haven’t done a lot of running the past couple days, so I haven’t seen it [laughter]. Like I said, we’ll get out there on game day and run these guys and see, but we have a receiver plan in place. We have five that are healthy and ready to roll. So, worst case we’ll play with four like we’ve done before, but I’m hoping Ryan will be OK.”

On Thursday games:
“Well, I mean, I’m not going to stand up here and gripe about it. It’s fun to play on Thanksgiving. We’re excited about that. The other Thursday night games something else, another topic, but it’s just hard on these players. You want to get them prepared for the game mentally and physically and to get them prepared in a couple days of rest or preparation, it’s difficult. It’s unfair to the players when you’re talking about their body and stamina and the hits that they take on a previous Sunday, then you got to get them ready for an entire new defense or offense. It’s tough, but it is what it is.”

On how DL Terrell McClain’s absence will affect the defensive line rotation:
“Well, minus one but we’ll add another one. We’ll either play with A.J. [Francis] or Caraun Reid will be the fifth. So we’ll have five rotating in there, possibly six depending on how many other players I have available.”

On how he has crafted a game plan on a short week with all the injuries:
“Well, does it look like I’ve slept a lot? [Laughter] We have to figure it out. That’s the hardest part with Jordan [Reed] and all these other guys. We have a base foundation of a core offense that we can go to that everybody’s comfortable with doing. It’s just a matter of how many new wrinkles can you put in. That’s the hard part. You want to try to do something different for each defensive coordinator that you face and that can be a little bit tougher with all the new players. But, sometimes it’s good because they don’t know the old stuff anyway.”

On TE Jordan Reed’s hamstring:
“Yeah, it’s just hard to gauge. He’s just getting all the work with the trainers and the medical staff, but until he really goes outside and runs full speed, you just never know. And you don’t really want to push it because if you push it too soon, then something else happens. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

On if G Shawn Lauvao’s injury was the same stinger as before:
“It was the same one, yes. We’ve got to make sure we get it checked out. Some of the things going on with it just shouldn’t be going on. We want to make sure he doesn’t rush back and then the same thing happens to him. We want him to get full strength.”

On if Lauvao’s injury will require surgery:
“I don’t think so, no. He’ll see some specialists and hopefully won’t need surgery.”

On his comfort level with LB Josh Harvey-Clemons:
“I don’t know. He hasn’t played, so we’ll see [laughter]. He’s done special team work a little bit here and there. He’s done some stuff on scout team for us and got some reps in walkthroughs. He’s comfortable, but we’ll see. I think he’s a great athlete, no doubt about it. I love his height and speed, but never know.”

On the importance of winning this division game:
“It’s very important. Very, very important for us. This is a team that we obviously have a great rivalry with, a great history with, a team that we know quite well – knocked us out of the playoffs last year. We have been 0-for-3 so far in our division games. We haven’t played very well at home as of late, so there’s a lot of reasons for us to want this game. Being that it’s the Giants, being that it’s a division game, being that it’s a home game, being that it’s on Thanksgiving … I mean what else do you want as a football player or coach?”

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