On injuries:
“Ty Nsekhe has a groin [injury]. We’ll check him out tomorrow. [Samaje] Perine has a hand contusion. X-rays were negative. He did not break anything. It’s just a bruise.”

On the defensive performance:
“I think it was as good a defensive performance that I’ve seen in a long time by anybody – to hold that offense with Marshawn [Lynch] and Derek [Carr] and [Michael] Crabtree and Amari Cooper… the list goes on and on. 0-for-11 on third downs. I mean, it’s a great tribute to Coach [Greg] Manusky and the staff, but the players were executing. Hustling. Making sure of tackles and getting the ball out when they had to.”

On if he wanted to see more sacks and pressure on QB Derek Carr:
“Always. Yeah, always. But there was also some times where we got home with four and that’s going to be equally as important, you know, so we can play good coverage and we can match up to receivers – have some safety help – and then get home with four. Preston [Smith] I think got home once before, I think Junior [Galette] got home, so we were getting good push in the pocket where he couldn’t see – he was feeling uncomfortable – and sometimes that’s as good as a sack. Great team defense all the way around. Coverage is only as good as your pass rush. Your pass rush is only as good as your coverage. They worked hand-in-hand today.”

On if running the ball is the team’s identity:
“Yeah, I mean that’s the goal every week. Play great defense, run the ball, control the time of possession. That’s obviously a great recipe for success. You know, there’s going to be different games and different challenges for sure. As we go on, we’re going to run in to some different types of defenses and we’ll have to change that up a little bit, but ultimately that is the goal.”

On RB Chris Thompson’s role and if he’s trying to expand it:
“Yeah, he’s trying. He’s going to keep pushing me for them, but he’s not going to get them. He’s a great player, man. Now we have to keep him healthy and he’s in a great role where he’s at. He’s going to be very effective working in third downs a lot, we’re in second down and long a lot. He will be utilized in those roles quite frequently.”

On the deep ball to WR Josh Doctson and Doctson’s reaction on the sideline:
“I think it was some relief for him probably, you’d have to ask him. But it was great to see him because I’ve seen it. I think the players have seen him do that in practice quite often but nobody else has. You guys don’t even get a chance to see it very often, so it was good to get Kirk [Cousins] get the ball out of his hands – and it wasn’t a perfectly thrown ball, but to give him a chance where he can go up and make a big time catch, hopefully we’ll get more of that. But it was great to see man, I’m happy for Josh, and happy that Kirk threw it.”

On the passing game today:
“You know, I liked a lot. You can look at the yards and say obviously I like the yards and the completion percentage, but really I think there were some decisions that Kirk [Cousins] made that were equally as impressive: not forcing the ball, running the ball when we had a couple of bad looks, protecting the football. We had a third down and five and he ran it, we kicked a field goal to go up 17 – he could’ve forced it in there and made a bad decision. I think he really managed the game perfectly. He made some big-time throws, the receivers made some plays for him, so all around I was very impressed with the entire offense moving the ball.”

On how it feels when offense is clicking:
“Yeah, there’s still a lot to correct. We’re still going to have to get some work done. We had a couple drives there in the first quarter that weren’t very good, but for the most part I was happy with the way that they competed. We were backed up, we got some great situational work, some red zone work that we still have to get better at, but I’ve been very impressed with our offense. Really our defense gave us so many opportunities. I mean we had turnovers, good field position. So, it goes hand and hand. They gave us a lot of possessions at it, a lot of cracks at it, so the more opportunities the better were going to be.”

On turnovers:
“I think Samaje [Perine] just got his hand hit right on the ball, that was a great hit by the guy but we still have to protect it and then [Jamison] Crowder. I said last time he wouldn’t fumble again and now he’s got two so I promise you he won’t fumble another one.”

On using RB Mack Brown:
“Yeah I’d like to, but it’s a matter of if you can adjust three or four running backs in the game, I mean once [Robert Kelley]’s back, he’s back, so he’s got 75 yards rushing and about a quarter and half last week against the Rams so he’s still our number one lead dog. Samaje [Perine], hopefully we’ll get him back but if Samaje’s down for a little while, Mack [Brown] will be number two and Chris [Thompson] will be our wild card guy.”

On S Montae Nicholson:
“That’s a good one there. He is a heck of a player. He looks the part. The biggest concern we had was him not being able to get reps until later in training camp. He was doing all the walk throughs and we’re looking at him like, ‘This guy should be a great safety,’ but we didn’t know. And then he picked up the system and he’s running around there making great plays. He’s got the height, weight, speed, he’s got the natural ball skills, I think he’s going to be—knock on wood—he’s got the chance to be a big time safety for us.”

On winning a game in primetime:
“That’s big you know, really just getting one at home. I didn’t care if it was prime time or 1 o’clock or midnight, we just had to get one at home. We had lost the last two or three at home which was disappointing so to get one at home, have it on prime time against a big time team like the Raiders, that was satisfying. But now we just have to celebrate it for a little bit and then get ready for a tough one Monday night at Arrowhead Stadium.”

On LB Preston Smith:
“Last year, from a statistical standpoint, he didn’t have as many sacks as we’d like. He was around the quarterback quite often and he missed a few here and there, but this year I think he’s starting to wrap them up and get the production everyone’s looking for and waiting for. He’s a big body, works hard, he’s working on his pass rush moves and a variety of them now, so I think the future’s very bright for Preston [Smith] obviously, and then you throw Junior [Galette] in there. We can keep them fresh with Ryan Anderson and [Ryan] Kerrigan so we’ve got a good mix of four guys that can rush, and Chris Carter also, so we keep them fresh and the rotation sound.”

On deciding how to handle the National Anthem:
“I mean, we want to show unity, we issued a statement already from the organization’s standpoint, I’m going to refer to that right now, but this is a team sport and we take a lot of pride in the National Anthem and hopefully we can move forward going on to the next game. But we issued a statement and we’re good with it.”

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