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    Default Skins Quotes 9/21/17: Gruden, Manusky

    September 21, 2017

    Head Coach Jay Gruden

    On injuries:
    “Limited: Jordan Reed, rib/sternum; [Mason] Foster, shoulder; [Rob] Kelley, rib; [Morgan] Moses, ankle/shoulder; [Montae] Nicholson, shoulder; Josh Norman, shoulder. Full were [Deshazor] Everett, knee – lots of guys here – [Josh] Doctson, hamstring; [Spencer] Long, knee; and [Chris] Thompson, back.”

    On if it seems like there are more injuries this year:
    “Uh, no. I think it’s about normal this time of year. Some teams are more fortunate than others, some players are more fortunate than others, but it is a physical game and these things happen.”

    On TE Jordan Reed’s progress:
    “He did more today, so I think the pain is becoming manageable, we hope. We’ll see how he does tomorrow.”

    On if he was still able to conduct a productive practice with so many players limited:
    “We did a good job. They had a good practice today. The limited guys participated a little bit in their periods here and there, so we were able to get everything done.”

    On drawing the line between playing limited players vs. playing healthy players:
    “Yeah, first of all, that’s not my call. That’s the player’s call and the trainer’s call, so I have to find out from the trainer A) if they’re able to play and B) if the player feels up to it and then we have to make that determination – whether or not the person who would play in their place would be better than that person at 80 percent or what have you. So, a lot goes into it, but ultimately it’s the player’s and the trainer’s call.”

    On if QB Kirk Cousins or C Spencer Long has the final say on protections:
    “We have a system in place but obviously Kirk can always trump it and change it at the line of scrimmage if need be. Spencer initially makes the calls and then if Kirk sees something different and needs to change it, he will.”

    On if WR Josh Doctson is at the point where he has no limitations and should be producing:
    “Well, we’ve got other players too that are producing and have been producing, so it’s not like he’s just going to jump out there and get 80 snaps. Terrelle [Pryor Sr.] is doing a good job at X, Ryan [Grant] and [Jamison] Crowder are doing a good job at Z, Crowder at slot, so he’ll work his way in the lineup. He’s a good player. Brian Quick’s going to get his share here and there, so I think the rotation’s going to be key. Keeping them fresh is going to be key and then taking advantage of opportunities when they get them is obviously the most important.”

    On if he will game plan plays specifically for Doctson:
    “We’ll have some special plays for Josh because he does some special things. Obviously we haven’t seen him a lot around here as far as on game day, but we’ve seen him out at practice so there will be some instances where we try to get him the ball.”

    On how tough it is to face quarterbacks like Raiders QB Derek Carr who get rid of the ball quickly:
    “It’s tough, it’s tough. It gets frustrating for pass rushers. You know, you say, ‘Rush the quarterback, rush the quarterback,’ and the ball’s gone – at one point I think the average was under two seconds that he gets the ball out of his hands. So, the big thing is to make him the feel the pressure if we don’t get home. We’ll get our hands up, maybe bat some balls, but still I think if you make the quarterback uncomfortable, even if you don’t get the sack, it can be equally as important as getting the sack. So, I think just making him uncomfortable, maybe getting him off his spot, will be critical and then having tight coverage on the wideouts to make him hold the ball.”

    On how he is going to stop Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch:
    “I am not going to stop him [laughter]. Hopefully, I think it’s just going to be a group effort like it is with every great back in the NFL that you face. Todd Gurley’s a different type of back but, you know, it takes more than one. He might jump over one guy and the next guy’s going to have to come get him. Marshawn might stiff arm one guy but the next two or three guys are going to come get him.[It’s got to be a group effort and we’ve got to run to the football – all 11 of them on defense have got to pursue to the football with great passion.”

    On if he sees any lag in Lynch’s game after a year away:
    “No. No lags. He looks fine.”

    On doing multiple things in the run game, and if that’s just trial and error or the fact that this group of backs is capable of multiple things:
    “Yeah, I think it’s a combination of both. We do have young backs with Samaje [Perine] and Rob Kelley still fairly new, only in his second year. Mack Brown obviously is fairly new. But the line really and the tight ends are a big part of that. The tight ends are a major part of the run game too, so they all have to be on the same page and they’re all smart. They targeted all the runs correctly. Targeting is one thing and then you’ve got to hang on to your blocks and you’ve got to finish blocks. We did a great job of that last week that gave the backs some holes to run through. So each week is a different challenge and each front presents something different. Oakland’s a little bit different with their fronts and Reggie Nelson and [Karl] Joseph will be a factor in the running game also. They come down and blitz from the safety spots from time to time, so we’ve got to make sure we target them right, account for those guys and get to running.”

    On how impressive it is to see his receivers blocking downfield:
    “Yeah, it’s important. They’ve been challenged and they’ve been up to the challenge. They were against the Rams, so that’s got to carry over. That’s something that they have to do. The backs, Chris Thompson, they do a great job on play actions and the dropbacks and protecting for them when they run routes so it’s important for them to return the favor in the running game. We have big guys. Crowder plays big. Despite his stature, he’s a good blocker. So all those guys are expected to block and will block on my watch.”

    Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky

    On to what he attributes the defense shedding blocks successfully so far this season:
    “I just think overall, I think it’s from a coaching perspective. You just teach guys to get off blocks, not to stay blocked. The defensive line is doing a good job up front of keeping the linebackers free and the linebackers actually striking and separating and making the play. So, I think it is both player and coaching alike.”

    On if the technique is being taught differently this year:
    “No, that’s the way I have always taught it. You know, over my years I don’t think technique-wise it was anything different. It was just - we are just playing harder, we are playing smarter and we are playing faster.”

    On the Raiders’ offensive line:
    “I mean, overall, they are big body guys. They work well together. Mike Tice does a good job of putting them into positions where they are pushing the double teams, doing the duos, doing all that kind of stuff. He has got them at a high level right now and we have got to defend that on Sunday night.”

    On the combination of S Montae Nicholson and S Deshazor Everett:
    “I think both of them are getting into the flow of the game. For Montae being a young guy, to get him into that flow of the game and Deshaze of course, you know, not playing as much – he didn’t play much last year – and this year getting him into just feeling it and working with D.J. [Swearinger] on the back end. It was a good little complement back and forth.”

    On Nicholson’s performance last Sunday:
    “He did a great job. From a communication standpoint, he communicated with D.J. He flew around to the ball. He did what he had to do and he was in the right spot the majority of the time.”

    On DL Matt Ioannidis focusing on defensive end and if he has noticed improvement:
    “I mean, sometimes when you have individuals, sometimes when you move them around over my past and Jimmy’s [Jim Tomsula’s] past, moving guys from nose to left end or to right end, it kind of confuses them and sometimes certain guys just get in a mind frame of being in one position and seeing it from a certain standpoint and that’s Matt, and he is doing a great job of playing where he is right now.”

    On his ability to use different players at different times:
    “Well, I think that anybody that’s up could be playing and it doesn’t… For me personally, I don’t really care who is the guy that is in there playing. It could be Junior [Galette]. It could be Pete [Robertson]. It could be Harvey [Josh Harvey-Clemons]. You have got to make sure that you be able to be ready for the game and get ready to play. It could be Comp [Will Compton]. It could be Mase [Mason Foster]. It doesn’t matter to me, from my standpoint. We do have our starters, don’t get me wrong, but you have to go into the week going like you’re the starter and that’s what we do.”

    On having all the options at linebacker and how that helps attack an offense:
    “Oh, it’s great. You have different guys, sometimes if it’s always Preston [Smith], they are always seeing him on tape and then put somebody else like Junior in the game, it is a different body, different athlete. It just changes it up for tackles and inside guys as well.”

    On if it is helpful to have DL Stacy McGee, who played in Oakland:
    “Yeah, it’s pretty good. From Stacy’s mentality he is kind of a soft-spoken guy, doesn’t say much. But for the most part, he kind of told us about the offensive line and how they are.”

    On Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch:
    “[I’ve] played him many times. He’s a beast. He has great sight lines. He can hit it downhill. He can make guys miss in the hole; he has been doing that for years. It is just like – it is just like he is regular or has been the past couple years, the same player that I remember when he was up in Buffalo... and Seattle.”

    On what he told his players about the Raiders’ quick passing game:
    “Well, I mean, that is the way the offense is, you know? They are quick hitting, getting the ball out. It doesn’t matter if it is going up top, underneath. He does a great job of knowing where the ball is going to be going before he wants to go. He is going to throw it out and we just have got to make sure that we be in position to make the plays Sunday night.”

    On what he has learned about his players from the first two games:
    “Just trying to build that camaraderie amongst these guys, you know what I am saying? D.J. [Swearinger] does a great job of bringing everybody together. Just trying to get the guys to keep on working, working every day. We do a lot of drills and stuff out there on the field. Everything is so precision-like during the game that some of those things that we are trying to hit, they are coming together and they are understanding what the guys around them can do. So it’s pretty good.”

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    1.9 seconds is what I read is how fast he is getting the ball out. That is insane but it's also a lot of short passes. Easier said than done I think but take the short passes away and make him beat you with longer passes
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