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Game 12 - Philly. No biggie. Just a season in the balance ...

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    Default Skins Quotes Post-Game vs. Eagles 9/10/17: Jay Gruden


    Injury report:
    “Morgan Moses had an ankle [injury] and he came back to play; Trent Williams had an ankle [injury] and came back to play; [D.J.] Swearinger had back spasms and came back to play.”

    On his frustration with the game as a whole:
    “Well, I mean, they’re a good team on defense. It’s frustrating. I think we’re better than that up front. We’re better than that at receiver – dropping balls – and we’re better than that at quarterback. We all had our hand in it – play-callers, offensively, it wasn’t good enough obviously. We still had a chance to win there in the two-minute. Defense kept us in the game, but unfortunately a turnover for a touchdown cost us.”

    On if QB Kirk Cousins’ trouble connecting with new receivers was due to lack of time working together:
    “Yeah, it could be. I’ll have to wait and see. We’ll have to see what the defense was allowing and see where our progression takes us on certain plays. I’ll have to go back and look at the tape and see. We did have some uncharacteristic drops though, which we can’t have.”

    On if he thought the fumble with DT Fletcher Cox was the right call:
    “He [Cousins] said [the referees] couldn’t tell if the ball ever left his hand or not, so they couldn’t … I guess they called a fumble on the field and they couldn’t overturn it because they didn’t have a good view. It sounded like it was rejected – blocked – but then I don’t know. I only go by what they call.”

    On the intercepted throw at the goal line:
    “Not good. We’re down two. We’re down two. We have to protect the ball right there. Protect the ball.”

    On WR Josh Doctson’s health:
    “We’re getting him back in there. We’re making sure he’s 100 percent healthy and ready to go, nd can handle practice after practice, and game after game. We’ll give him more and more reps as the season progresses.”

    On WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.:
    “We were starting the two-minute—I put Josh [Doctson] in. Usually in two-minutes we get the ball out of bounds. We make substitutions there anyway. We went with Josh in the first play of two-minutes and Terrelle would have gone back in there too. No big deal.”

    On the pass to Pryor Sr.:
    “He never saw it.”

    On first-game jitters:
    “I think you attribute sloppy offensive play to good defensive play. I think our defense did some good things other than the third-down percentage. I think their defense did some outstanding things. They gave us some problems with their pass-rush. We knew they had good pass-rushers. They were able to harass Kirk [Cousins] and just never let him get comfortable until we started getting some drives together and we got the ball out of his hands quicker with some timing stuff. Overall, hats off to them and to [Eagles Defensive Coordinator] Coach [Jim] Schwartz and the Eagles’ defense.”
    On the performances of CBs Josh Norman and Bashaud Breeland:
    “They played great. They had a great training camp. We have to keep it going. I said all along these are the kinds of games we’re going to have. We have to protect the football. Two key turnovers, one in the scoring position and one to get them a touchdown. It comes down to those and the third-down percentage and then we’re 0-for-2 in the red zone again. So if you look at the stats, usually you can tell if you’re a winner or a loser from there.”

    On third downs in the red zone:
    “That’s frustrating. We have Jamison [Crowder] breaking wide open on a little option route and we overthrow it by a hair. You get this little pressure and then they intercept it, so we’re close but obviously close isn’t good enough.”

    On if the National Football League office told the officials on the field that they couldn’t tell what happened during the fumble:
    “That’s what I was told. Yes. They couldn’t tell.”

    On the officials not being able to overturn the call because the National Football League office couldn’t tell:

    On Pryor Sr. losing sight of the ball during the first play of the game:
    “I don’t know if he ever saw it, so I don’t think he lost it in the sun. I don’t think he saw it. Kirk [Cousins] threw it really early and I don’t think he was expecting [the ball] to be in the air that soon.”

    On Cousins’ interception and if he should innately know about red zone situations:
    “I mean it’s anytime you’re in the red zone and its third down, you’re going to expect some kind of all-out, zero-cover blitz and that’s what they gave us, and we didn’t handle it very well. But anytime you’re down there, you’re going to protect the football. You’ve got to be safe with the ball. That was a good rush but I think the ball just sailed on him by a hair unfortunately.”

    On Cousins’ sack-fumble and mistakes throughout the game:
    “Yeah, you have four turnovers, 0-for-2 in the red zone, three-for-10 on third down. They were eight-for-13 on the third down, you don’t have to look at the stat sheet for very long to see who won and lost.”

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    Same song and dance, just a different year, a year older, and more and more frustrated with this team.
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    Psst Wile E Coyote, Offensive Genius why not insert a TE who can block, run the ball and go out for the pass once it became obvious our o line is a hot mess? down by 2 in the redzone and running the ball is not an option?
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    Never Get into a Fight with an Ugly Person. They Have nothing to lose. :)



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