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    B Skins Quotes Post-Game vs Bengals 8/27/17: Redskins Players


    On his pick six:
    “Sure, I’ll answer your first question. The interception was entirely my fault. We need [inaudible] and end up throwing it much more quickly so that he can’t break on the ball and get the interception. He made a very good play, but I gave him the opportunity to do that by being a little late to get there. And then it was a good response to put that drive together. We ran the ball so well with some really good play calls. All those plays run together for me right now so you probably know better than me how we got down there. But it was important to bounce back, certainly.”

    On his interception with LB Vontaze Burfict:
    “Didn’t hear anything from the coaches specifically. I feel like once we cross those lines, whether it’s the preseason or regular season, you just play. If you start to back off, that’s probably where you’re starting to risk an injury. At first, I thought maybe I should’ve given a better effort. I didn’t want to extend my arm, so I just kind of threw a shoulder. At first, when I looked up at the jumbotron I felt like maybe I should have done a better job form tackling him, but I guess no one is complaining about it.”

    On the running game:
    “Makes a big difference because we hand one off and the seas just parted. Next thing you know the ball is in the midfield. I didn’t do anything—I just handed the ball off and next thing you know we’re mid field. It takes a lot of pressure off of our passing game and off of me, really good play design. Specifically, on that play, you can see the seas just parted and the defensive end chases me when I don’t have the ball. It really opens up Rob [Kelley], so good job Bill [Callahan] creating those plays to get those openings. I just thought Rob and Samaje [Perine] ran really hard today. They lowered their pads and did all they could trying to fight for extra yards. I really think that’s why Rob Kelley is our starting running back. You saw it last year—he just kept fighting for extra yards. He has that spin move that he’ll give and he finds a way when it’s a four-yard run to get six. He finds a way when it’s a one-yard loss to get a two-yard gain. I think that’s the sign of a good back. Not necessarily the home run hit but just getting us a couple more yards when the play really didn’t allow for it.”

    On his passes to WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.:
    “I can think of three passes that we would have liked to have completed, but I think that all three of those, I think the throw doesn’t give [Terrelle Pryor Sr.] as much of a chance as I would like. The one in Baltimore was a little high, the one last week was certainly high and thrown way too fast, and then this one today you know, I led him a little too far. He’s reaching out and there are times where he wants the ball to stop and he wants to be a big target. That’s where we have to learn that and grow together. Going against different coverages and different teams really helps. We have been seeing a lot of the same coverages, day in and day out at training camp. Some of these routes we’re not working until we get to the preseason game because those routes are dead versus some of the coverages we’re seeing in practice. This is really good work for us. It is a work in progress and I think Terrelle will just keep getting better and better as he gets more reps and more experience. But we don’t have time, we have to be ready Week 1. We know that, so there’s a lot of potential there and I’m excited for where we’re going to go together this season.”

    On if the nature of preseason makes it harder to maintain momentum:
    “The preseason can be challenging because in a regular game, if you don’t start fast but finish stronger and win, everybody is happy. In the preseason, if you don’t start fast and you’re out, you didn’t play well at all. Same can be true the other way. If you do start fast and don’t finish strong in the regular season you’re not happy so it takes four quarters and that’s what we have to remember when it comes to Week 1. It’s a long football game, based on the day, it goes back and forth. There’s turnovers on both sides, there’s mistakes made, there’s big plays made. It’s a long game. In the NFL, it does come down to the last two minutes most of these games, so we have to be there at the end and give ourselves a chance to win.”

    On TE Jordan Reed:
    “I think today it would have been smarter to work away from him at times because they are aware of where he’s lined up and I think there’s safety eyes lined up on him. He’s being doubled if you will, from a distance, so we have to take advantage of the other side of the field when that happens. Today I don’t know if I did that as well as I could have. So, good to have him back. I did feel the defense was aware of him today. He is a presence, has a big effect on every game plan, so we have to continue getting him out there and working together and get ready for Week 1.”

    On if the offense is ready for Week 1:
    “I don’t think really we know what kind of team we have until maybe October. I think it’s always evolving, you’re learning, but we’re going to have to be ready. We don’t have a choice. So if the question is if we’re going to be ready, the answer is yes, we’re going to be ready to go. We’ll get started right away. We’re not going to focus on Tampa this week. After we watch the game film tomorrow, we’ll start watching the Philly film and get ready. So we got two weeks and we need to come away with a ‘W,’ especially at home. It’s a big opportunity for us.”

    On his schedule this week:
    “Tomorrow we watch the film of this game, which will be important to have the conversation and learn what we can from this game. We’ll have some time tomorrow cause that won’t take all day, then start on Philly watching tape and Tuesday is going to feel like a Friday, a normal Friday and Sunday to Sunday work week. We’ll have a good practice and Coach [Jay Gruden] will decide what the reps are as far as getting ready for Tampa, and then Philly. We’ll get our reps in and Wednesday we travel to Tampa. So it’s watching film on your own time and just continuing to communicate well with the guys around you so we’re all on the same page and ready to go.”

    On what the passing game is capable of:
    “We do have high expectations, for a lot of different reasons. For one, we do protect well, we have a very solid offensive line, that’s where it starts. You have to have time to throw. We do feel we have several players, not just at the receiver position, but the tight end position and the running back position who can help us in the pass game, and it’s never going to be the same guy week in and week out, it’s probably going to evolve each week—who gets involved and who makes the biggest difference. But we have high expectations and you have to be ready to go.”


    On his time on the field tonight:
    “It felt great to be back out there on the football field. I know I missed the first preseason game, and you know it’s really my second game back so I was trying to really make a jump from the last game that I played. I feel like I did some good things out there but, you know, I’ve still got a lot of things I need to work on. Missed a sack out there, missed a third-and-one tackle, so that’s what my mindset is. I’ve got to make sure I come out to be a perfect player.”

    On the second-team defense:
    “We definitely went out there with a chip on our shoulder. I felt like we did a great job. We got a few stops out there, the turnovers, the sudden change, we did a good job and I’m thankful for that. Just got to keep getting better.”

    On his emotions on the field:
    “Every single day, it’s just getting there. Once I get fully 100 percent, you know it’ll be a lot more of that. I’m just thankful for how the day went, came out healthy and just keep getting better.”


    On his first rep back on the field:
    “It was amazing, man. I mean I’ve been preparing pretty well, you know we got great coaches here. They’ve been kind of giving us keys. It just felt great, man. You know I’ve been doing everything I did in the game in practice so it just felt great, you know to actually go do it in live action.”

    On if he had any self-doubt prior to that moment:
    “Nah, there was no doubt. I mean, I’m going against the best tackle in the league [Trent Williams] every day. So you know, it’s like I beat him, then I know in the league, in the game, it’s going to be a cake walk.”

    On how he felt physically and if he had any rust to knock off:
    “Physically, I’ve just got to get my hamstring straight. Got to, you know it’s not 100 percent, just got to get it right. I’m able to go, but I just got to keep getting treatment that they’re giving me. They’ve been doing a real good job. I’m just getting out there.”


    On what the defense is learning:
    “One thing, last week and this week we need to start faster. Not just as a defense but as a team. We need to, we can’t have these long drives to start out the game. We rebounded well and kind of shut them down after that but you know we only gave up 10 points, ultimately, as a defense today. But we just got to find a way to start faster and not let those drives run long like that.”

    On what he thought he did well today:
    “I thought we, after the first drive, I thought we got off the field pretty well on third down, got some good pressure on the quarterback with the front four and if we can keep doing that we’ll be pretty good.”

    On the fourth quarter defense:
    “That pick was big. They were driving down there to score and potentially take the lead, so for them to get that stop, not only with Fish [Smithson]’s interception, but then you know on that last drive of the game, with Will [Blackmon] making a nice play in the backfield and ultimately getting the stop, that was big.”


    On his concern about slow starts in the first three games:
    “Coach [Jay Gruden] mentioned it after the game and we just have to keep working hard in practice.”

    On how close the team is to being ready for the regular season opener:
    “I think we are real close, man, and I think we are in a good position to be right where we need to be at the first game.”

    On why he believes this team is close to being ready for Philadelphia in Week 1:
    “I have got to go out and watch the film, but from what I saw, the O-line came out today and we ran the ball well. Guys were creating separation. We just had a couple little minor errors. Things we usually don’t do – drop the ball and things like that. Once we get that cleaned up, I feel like we are going to be coming for defenses.”


    On the difference of the rushing game today compared to the first two preseason games:
    “I think the difference for me was the offensive line. They opened up some holes. Obviously you can see they had some holes that anybody could run through out there. I think just getting back to what got me to starting running back today. Just some hard runs, pushing the pile and stuff like that. So, we have to get back to the basics.”

    On the mentality of the offense after the interception:
    “I mean, that was a good opportunity to change momentum and I think we took advantage of it. Just getting behind those guys, the hogs, and let them do what they do and I did what I did off of them.”

    On if the team is ready for the season opener against Philadelphia:
    “I don’t know. I can’t speak too early. That one needs to go to Coach Gruden. I’m not going to predict anything, man. Hopefully come out there and pick up where we left off today.”


    On QB Kirk Cousins chasing down LB Vontaze Burfict after the interception:
    “We don’t look at it as the preseason. We are out there and we are competing and playing. So, he tried to make a play. I mean obviously I’m pretty sure he was frustrated, we were all frustrated, that he threw an interception or what not. It was definitely a risk, but he is out there playing the game. He is all right now so we’re good.”

    On having TE Jordan Reed back on offense:
    “It’s great. I think that now that everyone is back for the offense that we are able to go forward and practice, get that camaraderie back within the unit and hopefully be ready and productive. We have Philadelphia coming.”
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    Hope Kirk got his Pick 6's out of his system, for this year.
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    Galette doesn't sound quite as optimistic as he did the last 2 years. Who knows maybe that's a good sign.
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