On tonight’s performance and the flow of the game:
“We felt good about the fact that we scored at the end of the half, made some good plays. We didn’t run the ball probably as well as we would have liked, at times didn’t throw the ball as well as we would have liked. But it was a good step in the process to build towards Week 1, and I think we all believe we still got a lot of work to do.”

On tonight’s game being a slow start similar to last week’s game:
“I don’t know. We just play to play, try to be the best we can. We weren’t productive on a couple runs early, so then we’re in third and long, some were penalties, some were backed up. In the red zone we had a touchdown to Vernon [Davis], I fell, the ball was probably a foot short, so the defensive back breaks it up. That’s why I say it’s a small margin of error. If the ball was a foot further, we had a touchdown on that second down, or whatever down it was, and we’re feeling so good about ourselves. I think it was a good thing probably in the long run that we didn’t get that throw because then I got to play the whole first half. It got us more work, and I think it’s going to help our offense in the long run.”

On the sack early last game and if he was concerned about his protection in tonight’s game:
“I think not so much tied into last week, but I haven’t played a live football game since last January, late December, and it takes time to get used to that again. I think practice is a false sense of reality, when they’re not actually able to hit you. It’s a different deal when they can, and I probably was moving a little faster than I needed to. My clock was going off a little faster. I think the preseason games will help with that, being able to play next week as well. And I’d like to think that those couple of games with a lot of reps, the clock tends to settle in and you get a better feel before Week 1.”

On getting off to a slow start then hitting a stride:
“It was a two-minute drill, so we hit a couple big plays there. Guys with individual match ups, we throw the ball with accuracy, we protect well and good things happen. But it takes all 11 and when we were moving the ball, that’s because all 11 of the guys were executing. No sacks in the first half, no turnovers, there’s still a lot of positives and we can go back and fix everything that wasn’t good enough.”
On WR Jamison Crowder and WR Josh Doctson returning:
“We need to get those guys practicing and going because Jordan Reed, Jamison and Josh have all been out for a portion of training camp, which has made it tough to build that rapport, but it’s good to have a couple of them back tonight and that’s an example of where we’re not where we need to be yet for Week 1, but we have time. We have to get out on the practice field and get out of these preseason games and get going with those guys to start to build some rapport, because we’re going to need them all season long.”


On game planning early in the preseason:
“I think we just go out there and try to play football and appreciate when you find your diamonds in the rough and stuff like that, so we’ve just got to do a better job out there. Just got to make stuff happen.”

On the level of improvement from last week:
“I mean, it’s football, man. Every night isn’t going to be your night. Some days we’ll go out and everything will click the way we want, some days not. We’ve just got to be a teammate and work through it.”

On if Green Bay played different than expected:
“No, not really. It isn’t nothing we haven’t seen before. We’ve just got to execute. And when coach calls a good play, we have to execute it.”


On how it felt performing in the second half:
“It felt great, just getting out there, doing what I do best and having fun.”

On his 29-yard reception:
“When I saw it coming, I got a little nervous. Always happens. But you know, I just stayed calm and it came natural.”

On if this game felt different than last week’s game:
“I just felt more comfortable. You know, being the first game last week, I had to get my first game jitters out. Now I’m just continuing to build and get more comfortable within the system and just continue doing whatever I have to do.”

On his grade for himself:
“It was decent. I mean, obviously there’s some things you can do better, but overall it was an OK night.”


On his first sack:
“It was cool. You know, just getting back. We still have to work on some things. I have to still work on some things. We will go in there tomorrow and look at things and move forward to Cincinnati.”

On the feeling of the team after the game:
“Nobody likes to lose. But at the same time it is preseason and you know it doesn’t count. You take score that you wanted to count and we just have to focus on some things we need to work on and get better.”

On how he felt the front four performed:
“We had some sacks, but at the same time we have a lot to work on. We are trying to get better each day. We are looking forward to Cincinnati next week.”


On how he felt during his first NFL game:
“It felt great. I still have a lot to work on and a lot to get better with. It felt great getting back on the field, just being out there with my teammates and competing.”

On how he felt on the plays he made on special teams:
“That is what I like to do. I like to make plays just anyway I can do it, anyway possible. Just go out there and be the first one down there and make a play.”

On his thoughts on a deep pass that was completed when he was in coverage:
“I mean, my technique was bad. I got beat. It can’t happen. I have to get better.”


On his mindset going into tonight:
“I’m just out here playing ball with my brothers and that’s all I can think about. Just how blessed I am to play football and do something that I love. Try not to get caught up in the hype of the game, but that’s all I was thinking about.”

On scoring the touchdown:
“It’s been a while since I’ve scored a touchdown so I was happy. I was very excited.”

On getting ready for Week 1:
“I’m very excited. Obviously we have to make it through these next couple two preseason games and then we will focus on Philly.”


On talking to Packers QB Aaron Rodgers during the challenge:
“It was just cutting up. Shooting the breeze. I think a guy like that you admire, respect his game, and likewise from him to us. It’s just a good admiration for a guy on that level. I’m so excited when you get to play against the best of the best, no matter whether it’s preseason or regular season, you get a crack at it. All things are on that type of level when you have a conversation, so you play with it a little bit. That tipped ball, a little bit higher maybe I could’ve gotten to it. I gave him a little wink and he started smiling, like smirking. Stuff like that makes the game fun. Having fun with it.”

On CB Fabian Moreau getting beat after having good position:
“Perfect position. He was fighting on special teams as well, made a couple of big plays. He was in perfect position. It’s just that things happen. The timing when the ball gets there, it arrived faster than he thought it would have.”

On seeing potential in Moreau:
“Yeah, I mean you guys see it, too. So it’s no joke what he’s putting out there on the field. Obviously he’s going to be a great talent in this league to come. But he’s still going to work on some things. We’ll get him better each and every day. He’s going to work with us. We’re going to get him to the level he needs to be.”