On injuries:
“Bumps and bruises, no injuries of note.”

On what he took away from his offense:
“Yeah, it took a little while. We stuttered and sputtered and missed a few throws and I had a couple runs rejected, but they stuck with it. I think it was good for them to stay out there for the half, at least get a touchdown in there, have something positive happen.”

On the running game:
“Obviously Robert [Kelley] didn’t get going, he didn’t have many chances. You know, we’re a work in progress, no question about it. We’re building something and we’ve got to do some things and quite frankly we didn’t get them done today, but I’m not going to give up on it by any stretch of imagination. We’ve just got to continue with our plan and build on what we’ve done, or haven’t done, learn from it, move on and get ready for the Bengals and try to figure out a new plan.”

On if he’s concerned with the struggles from the offensive line or run game:
“I’m not really concerned, no. I know the guys we have up front and I know Coach [Bill] Callahan and I know the runners that we have, so I’m not concerned. We do have to execute better. We have to put them in better situations. Maybe we’ll look at the calls that we’re calling, but for the most part, I’m not concerned really.”

On Green Bay’s performance:
“They’re pretty good. I think they had over 100 yards rushing, but I think 50 of it was by quarterbacks. I think Aaron [Rodgers] had a 15-yard run and the other kid had 45 yards rushing so we’ve got to keep the quarterback contained, number one. But, overall I think the defense played pretty decent. That opening drive we got them off the field, Stacy McGee was about half a yard off the field, or on the field, and they got us for 12 men. But other than that, there are some good things to build from. I think Montae [Nicholson], and I think, I was pleased with Fabian [Moreau] – they played some extensive minutes, they played pretty good I think. So, there’s some guys that I’m really anxious to see tomorrow on tape.”

On if it was his intention to play the first team for the first half:
“Yeah, I want to play them. I want to play them. We played them just two drives against Baltimore, just wanted to get their feet wet so to speak. And then today, being a home game and a couple of new receivers that we have, I just wanted to make sure we got some reps.”

On QB Kirk Cousins’ nerves early on:
“I think he was a little antsy. I think he’ll tell you that. He’s just getting back in the flow. I think the protection was great, really. We had zero sacks. I think the quarterbacks got hit a couple times. That was a major emphasis for us going into this game after the Baltimore game when they hit our quarterback frequently. I think they were barely touched tonight. So I was happy with our pass protection. I think it was good for Kirk and Colt and them to feel how good the protection can be – they can set their feet a little bit. Just a matter of getting in rhythm, getting used to the wide receivers and Kirk will be fine.”

On special teams:
“We had those two penalties, killed us. I think obviously we had another dropped punt. We have to really address our No. 2 returner right now. [Kendall] Fuller showed some promise there, but [Will] Blackmon has done it there so we’re still addressing that.”

On CB Fabian Moreau:
“Fabian, he’s a great athlete. I mean, no substitute for speed and he’s got it. He’s a big, physical guy, and I think he’s got the talent and skill level to be a great player for us. But we have to get him taught up and let him play.”

On getting Kirk Cousins in sync with newer receivers:
“The one thing about Josh [Doctson] and Terrelle [Pryor Sr.], I think the one thing that we don’t have to be concerned about is their knowledge of the system. I feel good that they can line up anywhere and run all the routes, so that’s good. We know they’re big, physical hands guys. It’s just a matter of getting used to angles coming out of certain breaks, man-to-man, back shoulder, opportunity-type throws that Kirk can give them, get used to that a little bit. That might be a little while, but for the most part I feel good with their progression. I think this week will be huge for all of them. Obviously leading up to Philly we’ll have an extra three or four days there to practice and get ready. We start to target our game plan towards one team, it’ll be nice.”

On RB Samaje Perine:
“I thought he ran the ball well. I felt his pad level down. I think he had 45 yards and he had a nice catch on the wheel route down the sidelines. I think there was a major step up and I expected that from Samaje. He’s the type of guy that I figured would bounce back. I’m glad to see him play so hard, so well.”