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    logo PFT: Terrelle Pryor Will Be a Pro Bowler

    Browns receivers coach Al Saunders thinks his team let a Pro Bowl wide receiver get away this offseason. Saunders told ESPN that he believes Terrelle Pryor, who left Cleveland for Washington in free agency, is going to be a Pro Bowler at the end of the season. “I will be shocked if he isn’t in…

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    Pryor had 77 catches/1007 yd's/4 TDs/13.1 yd average.
    Garceon had 79 catches/1041 yds/3 TDs/13.2 yd average

    No reason why he can't get at least similar numbers this season and certainly has an opportunity to improve those numbers & make the Pro Bowl. Maybe he loses some targets depending on whose healthy but pretty comparable stats last year & he won't (hopefully) have 4 QBs throwing at him this time.
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    We're gonna need every bit of that Pro Bowl quality, to keep up with the rest of the NFCE.
    Giants got Marshall, to go along with Beckham and Shepard.
    And the Eagles added Jeffrey.
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